A trick worth a lifetime. Clay pot heaters can be deadly

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  • A lifetime cost trick. Clay pot heaters can be deadly

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  • Lifetime trick. Clay pot heaters can be deadly

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  • Life cost trick . Clay pot heaters can be deadly


  • A lifetime cost trick. Clay pot heaters can be deadly

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  • Lifetime trick. Clay pot heaters can be deadly


  • Life cost trick . Clay pot heaters can be deadly

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Lifetime trick. Clay pot heaters can be deadly

The hack video went viral on TikTok and now hundreds of people are google where to buy and how to make these mini heaters.

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A video of a miniature heater made from terracotta clay flower pots has gone viral on TikTok. Millions of views and queries in search engines indicate that many are interested in how to make home heaters from improvised means. However, scientists warn that this method of heating a home can be life-threatening, writes the Daily Mail.

In the current realities, when the energy system of Ukraine is continually being subjected to rocket attacks from the Russian army, and Ukrainians are frightened by a difficult winter and lack of electricity, such miniature heaters seem like a good way out. They do not require electricity and are easy to make yourself from improvised materials. However, scientists warn that such a way to heat an apartment can be life-threatening.

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The first video of a clay pot heater appeared on TikTok at the beginning of last year. It was picked up again recently and immediately made one of the ways to keep warm and save on heating bills along the way. It is understandable, for the construction of such a heater, a minimum amount of expenses for clay pots and candles will be required. But experts from the London Fire Brigade warn that such ways to keep warm can harm the body and are generally life-threatening.

According to Assistant Brigade Commissioner Charlie Pugsley, candles themselves are one of the most common causes of fires, and therefore should be used only for direct use.

Firefighters understand that due to rising living costs and energy problems such life hacks seem like a good way out of the situation, but, alas, this is not entirely true. Here's why you shouldn't do it:

First of allTerracotta flower pots are made from fired clay, which allows moisture to pass through easily and protects plant roots from rotting. However, this also means that there may be pockets of moisture left in the clay, even if it looks dry visually. As a result of heating with candles, this moisture will begin to evaporate quickly, and gases will escape through the clay, initiating an explosion of a flower pot.

Secondly, candles themselves are dangerous, and in case explosion of the pot, the fire may spread to other flammable objects. As a result, heating a home can result in a fire.

Third, candles produce soot, especially in the absence of a constant flow of oxygen. When inhaled, soot settles deep in the lungs and has approximately the same effect on the body as secondhand smoke.

Fourth, paraffin candles emit small amounts of toxic chemicals (toluene and benzene), which increase the risk of developing lung cancer. One candle is unlikely to cause significant harm to the body, but the use of such heaters in a poorly ventilated area can significantly harm your health.