A trucker “hacked” the horn to sound like “Baby Shark”

A trucker “hacked” the horn to sound like “Baby Shark”

A trucker “hacked” the horn to sound like “Baby Shark”

Speakers can be “hacked”. Haven’t you ever heard one that sounds with the chords of “La cucaracha”? However, we have never seen a version as crazy as that of a trucker, who modified his horn to have the tune of “Baby Shark”.

The video was captured by a motorcyclist and tiktokero while he was on a snowy road returning from Cuzco, in Peru. The truck rounded a curve in the asphalt, appeared on the scene and sounded his unique horn. The woman accompanying the man who recorded the clip expresses her surprise upon hearing the catchy nursery rhyme.

The horn of “Baby Shark”, a TikTok viral

The children’s video is a viral hit on YouTube and broke digital barriers, rubbing shoulders with music clips from artists like Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga.

The video accumulates thousands of visits and I like it, many more than it would surely receive without the appearance of the truck and its funny horn. The funny comments were immediate. “What happened to Optimus, happened to Nickelodeon?” One joked. “I want a horn like that!” Said another. “Watch out, a boy is driving a truck,” said another gracefully, referring to a very popular tune among the youngest.

The clip was published by the user @ djpatrick.com26, who on TikTok is not dedicated to children’s songs but to show his adventures aboard the motorcycle.

“Baby Shark”, an overwhelming success

In November last year, “Baby Shark” became the most viewed video on YouTube accumulating more than 7,000 million views in its English language version. In this way, he dethroned “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. The truth is that the song is loved by many boys and hated by some parents that they should listen to it in loop, and again.

As we tell when reviewing the secrets of this viral success, the first version of “Baby Shark” arrived on YouTube in 2015, although the super viral was published in 2016. Since then, it has added billions of views with its little more than 90 seconds long. The dancing sharks they appear in a hundred versions in more than ten different languages, all aimed at children between 1 and 4 years old.

A trucker “hacked” the horn to sound like “Baby Shark”

Behind this creation is the Pinkfong production company, based in Seoul, South Korea. According to the creators of “Baby Shark”, chords are supported by a traditional song, including the catchy “doo doo doo doo doo”. They were also inspired by another frenzy in that country: Kpop or South Korean pop. “We add the ‘Kpop factor’ to our songs, very modern and upbeat rhythms,” said Seungkyu Lee, one of the members of the production company, who also noted that the song emphasizes the sense of community.

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