A valuable tip for mushroom lovers. It will help you avoid worm-eaten specimens

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A recognized specialist explains the causes of wormy mushrooms. It is known how to avoid them.

A valuable tip for the mushroom lover. It will help to avoid wormy specimens

The mushroom picking season is underway and in the forests you can see many wasps looking for interesting specimens. And there are quite a lot of these nowadays.

Portal & ldquo; Gazeta Lubuska & rdquo; however, it reports that mushroom pickers complain that most of the fungi found are useless because they are wormy.

As they say, they did not expect that they would encounter such a problem in the fall, especially on such a scale. Usually at this time of the year there are much fewer wormy specimens than in summer.

Dr hab. Izabela Kałucka states that one of the most important factors is the weather and temperature. Rapid development of larvae in fruiting bodies is observed in summer, and stops for a while in autumn.

'Insects have different development cycles, and a lot also depends on weather, temperature and humidity. Mushrooms are sensitive to weather conditions, high temperatures are not favorable for them, humidity is needed & rdquo; & ndash; translates the mycologist.

For now, however, we haven't had enough cold temperatures to completely get rid of the worm problem. So far, rainfall has also been rather slight and short-lived. Mushroom pickers must take into account the fact that, despite the fact that there are many mushrooms in the forests, many of them will not be edible. So it's best to monitor the weather.

 A valuable tip for mushroom lover. Helps to avoid worm-like specimens

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