A video in which a guy brought flowers to an adult woman in an unusual way became incredibly popular on the Internet


July 5, 2022, 10:30 | In the world

Doing little niceties is so important!

A video has become incredibly popular on the Internet, in which the guy brought flowers to an adult woman in an unusual way

A young TikTok influencer shared a touching video about how he brought flowers to an elderly woman at a food court in the city center, Ukr.Media informs.

22-year-old Harrison Pavlyuk politely distracted an elderly woman from her lonely cup of coffee at Emporium Melbourne by asking the lady to hold his bouquet.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but you couldn't just take and hold it?'' he asked, inspired to do random acts of kindness after seeing the plight of people living in poverty abroad.

After saying these words and handing the flowers to the woman, the boy placed his backpack on the floor and pulled out a black jacket before walking away, leaving the casual mall visitor sitting with the flowers in her hands.

"Have a nice day" 34;, he said finally, bringing tears to the woman's face.

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The video uploaded to the Internet on June 21 has already managed to be viewed 52.2 million times, in addition, it has received, just think, more than 10 million likes.

A guy who has more than 3 million subscribers in TikTok, said that he was inspired to do this by his recent trip to Los Angeles, where he saw a lot of homeless people.

"Recently, I was inspired and wanted to change the nature of my content and use my platform, to do good and spread good,' he said.

"Not enough authors are using their platforms for good.

"I I want to use my page to spread goodness and hopefully inspire someone."

He makes this content because he truly believes in… that he is changing the world. for the better.

"At first I made jokes and parodies, but after seeing the extent of poverty in California, I returned to Australia with a new mindset to use my platform and content to spread kindness and creation I am something good. "


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