A video with a cat eating a banana so appetizingly has become popular on the Internet


July 12, 2022, 16:37 | Animals

It turns out that bananas taste better than meat.

On the Web a video with a cat eating a banana so appetizingly became popular

A video with a cat named Tosya, who has very specific tastes, appeared on the thelsd.ua TikTok account. This cat loves bananas no less than meat. In the video, Tosya, like a little monkey, chews a banana, sucking it with pleasure, informs Ukr.Media.

I wonder where the cat got such a passion for bananas? Did she really like the taste or was there an acute lack of potassium? In any case, the love of a tiny predator for sweet fruits is quite unusual.

The video called “when they took a cat and slipped a monkey”; collected almost three million views and thousands of comments.

  • "What a charm! It's the first time I've seen cats eat bananas,
  • "How cute. And our cats are scared of bananas,
  • "Well done! She eats good food",
  • "She licks so deliciously that I want a banana too",
  • "Your cat did not come from the tropics ?".


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