A warming of 4 degrees will lead to the destruction of civilization: the forecast of scientists in Ukraine and the world

Потепление на 4 градуса приведет к гибели цивилизации: прогноз ученых по Украине и миру

Last week, at the same time in 153 countries, scientists from the volunteer environmental organization the former Vice-President al Gore delivered a lecture “an Inconvenient truth about climate change”. By the way, al Gore became a Nobel peace prize for her contribution to the fight against global warming. In Kiev was made by a scientist-environmentalist Yann Badet. Before the lecture, she talked to Ukrainian journalists.

— You know, even though I’m an American, but to some extent consider themselves to be ecological refugee — surprised recognition Yanna Badet. — 17 years engaged in the study of climate change and advise the municipality of cities worldwide — giving advice on how to confront global warming. The subtropical climate of California is becoming more and more hot, there are becoming more frequent forest fires and coastal cities (I lived in one of them — San Francisco) otaplivayutsya because of rising Global sea level. So I decided to move to Europe.

People need to realize the simple truth that civilization has made over seven thousand years of its existence, so an impressive level of development largely because the Earth’s climate throughout this period remained relatively stable. Now, because of the huge greenhouse gas emissions the climate is changing unprecedented pace. This is the end of this century may lead to catastrophic consequences.

“Under two blankets the planet hot”

— See ice cap for several kilometers, covering Antarctica, accumulated during the last 800 thousand years,’ explains Yann Badet. — Thanks to scientists-glaciologists have the opportunity to take samples of the ice long ago. From these samples we obtain information about the composition of the air at different times. It turned out that the carbon dioxide all of these 800 thousand years was at the level of 300 molecules per million air molecules. During glacial periods, CO2 was a little less, and warm era a little more. But deviations from the indicator 300 of the molecules always remained low.

— How much carbon dioxide in the air in our times?

Abnormally many — 415 molecules. I like this simile: the atmosphere acts as a sort of blanket — retains the heat, which brings to the Earth the rays of the Sun. Actually, due to this on our planet could arise and develop in life. But now the situation is that due to the sharp rise in carbon dioxide in the Ground as if thrown another blanket. And under two blankets the planet hot.

— How fast is increasing the temperature on Earth?

Since 1980 it has increased by one degree. For the layman, this figure may not seem very impressive. But in fact, the rise in temperature by one degree is a lot.

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— It will increase?

Unfortunately, Yes. What would mankind do, increase the average temperature by the end of this century, one-half of a degree can not be avoided. If this figure is four degrees, this will lead to the end of civilization: drought will cover the huge area around the world, summer will stand the terrible heat, the towns and villages located on the coast will be flooded due to the strong increase of level of World ocean, the frequency of catastrophic weather events will increase dramatically…

Global warming already causes a lot of trouble: it is enough to remember the terrible hurricanes falls in recent years in various regions of the Earth, the anomalous heat this summer in France recorded 46 degrees in India — 50,5, Japan 39,5, in Australia 49,5… In America is often a natural phenomenon that climatologists call the “rain bomb” of huge clouds on earth falls a waterfall. Even if the heavy rainfall does not happen abnormally heavy rainfall.

Потепление на 4 градуса приведет к гибели цивилизации: прогноз ученых по Украине и мируIn the United States increasingly began to occur natural phenomenon that scientists call “rain bomb” — with giant clouds on earth falls waterfall

It is significant that 18 of the 19 hottest years on Earth recorded in the history of meteorological observations (from the late seventeenth century. — AVT.), to the period after 2001.

“The war in Syria started because of global warming”

— As the effects of global warming manifest themselves on the territory of Ukraine?

All more frequent droughts (especially in the South), the climate changes require the development of new crop varieties, winter becomes warmer, shallow water bodies (by the way, environmentalists are sounding the alarm about the fact that in recent years it has shoaled greatly natural gem of the Ukrainian Carpathians Synevyr lake. — AVT.), a growing number of natural disasters…

In February-March 2018 Ukraine was covered with snow and there were severe frosts. Cold then covered the whole of Europe, and Canada. Even in Rome, snow fell, although usually this time of year there is spring. At the same time, the Arctic was very warm, for example, in Greenland air temperature exceeded the norm by 20 degrees! They began to rapidly melt glaciers. By the way, on hearing this, al Gore flew in a helicopter to Greenland, from the air to see how it goes. He caught with a deafening roar of collapsing ice cap of Greenland. It’s an eerie sight.

Climatic changes affect human health?

Of course. During extreme heat recorded cases of death of people (especially the elderly and infants) from overheating. Global warming leads to a sharp increase in the content in the pollen that causes allergies. According to experts, on average, in the atmosphere of the planet in 2040, pollen will be three times more than in 2000.

This is compounded by air pollution in cities a wide range of harmful emissions. It is estimated that, for example, in Warsaw the body of the child during the first year of life with the air gets as many harmful substances as contained in a 1000 cigarettes!

This level of environmental pollution, as it is now, not seen since falling on the Earth 66 million years ago a giant meteorite that destroyed the dinosaurs. The impact of this celestial body has led to a global catastrophe in the sights and then got a huge amount of toxic substances.

Who among sentient beings benefit from global warming, so it is pathogenic bacteria and viruses. And even mites. In the mid-latitudes, these carriers of encephalitis, Lyme disease and other dangerous diseases in the winter hibernate. Now, however, they remain active all year round.

Потепление на 4 градуса приведет к гибели цивилизации: прогноз ученых по Украине и мируYanna Badet: “Who are the living beings benefit from global warming, so it is pathogenic bacteria and viruses. And tongs”

— The world economy suffers losses from climate change?

Of course. The increase in the average temperature on a particular territory by one degree leads to a decrease in yields on it on average ten percent. And this, in addition to losses to farmers and the state, leads to higher prices for food.

You may be surprised, but one of the key reasons that in Syria the war broke out, is global warming. Judge for yourself. In the period from 2006 to 2010 inclusive in this country was a great drought. More than 60 per cent of the land turned into a desert. Because of this the peasants began to move into crowded cities of the country. Jobs and housing and find them hard. Has been growing social tensions. In 2011, civil war broke out.

— How to stop global warming?

— Need even more intensively to develop “green” energy, phasing out fossil fuel vehicles with petrol engines. The possibilities for this new technologies. Thus, the cost of solar power has decreased since 1976 in 80 times. Mankind has the chance to avoid climate catastrophe.


Photo courtesy of the press service of the Deputy of the city Council Konstantin YALOV

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