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An alert

Heavy rain will create “fast flood” conditions this week. in certain departments of France, indicates La Chaine Météo.

Be careful, after the sunny days and the heat, the rain. And it should fall with particular intensity. between this Tuesday and Thursday in the south of France. The Weather Channel actually fears a Cevennes episode on French territory. What is it about? This is a phenomenon well known to meteorologists, which generally occurs every autumn, or with varying degrees of virulence. And Météo France explains very simply how this Cévenol episode is created, in three stages:

  • "Là where As upward vertical velocities are generated in the atmosphere, the lifted air rises and falls. cools as it gains altitude.
  • If cooling is sufficient, condensation of some of the available water vapor occurs.
  • If condensation is significant, the drops become large enough to precipitate.

Between this Tuesday, October 17 and this Thursday, October 19, you should expect risks of heavy and stormy rains which “could constitute hydrological risks in the south of France”, indicates La Chaine Météo, which published a "weather alert" for four departments, valid from Tuesday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday 6 p.m.:

  • le Gard
  • l'Ardèche
  • la Lozère
  • l' 39;Hérault

A weather alert o in several departments, up to a month and a half of rain in two days

© Météo Consult – La Chainétéo

The institute of the Chain étéo makes it known that these departments must prepare à several events: "100   250 mm of water on the Cévennes, the equivalent of a month to a month and a half of precipitation" ; "Risk of rapid flooding of Cévennes rivers and flooding in low areas" ; "lines of poorly moving storms, likely to lead to significant runoff" ; "a strong sea wind until" 80 km/h raising the sea with waves of 4 m which could cause some local coastal flooding.

Given the current drought in the south of France, this rain is also a good news, particularly for agricultural producers, they could contribute to renew certain watercourses.

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