Abortion, Slavery and Marijuana: Other Key US Election Results

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Abortion, slavery and marijuana: Other key results of the elections in the United States

The legislative elections held this Tuesday in the United States they will decide the composition of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, whose final results will still take a few days to be known. However, millions of voters in several states were also called to vote in referendums on the right to abortion– in check after the endorsement of the Supreme Court to its prohibition–, slavery or the consumption of strong>marijuana. In these three issues, the progressive causes have reaped good results.

In the absence of the final count of all the votes, below we break down the most important results that these elections are giving yes.

Protection of abortion

Abortion, slavery, and marijuana: Other key US election results

Various states have voted in favor of establishing the right to abortion in their constitutions, a measure aimed at shielding access to the interruption of pregnancy. This is the case of the progressive California or Vermont, where this proposal has been adopted with overwhelming support. In Michigan it has also won, but with a smaller margin, 53% in favor versus 47% against.

In Kentucky and Montana, two strongly conservative states, their citizens have tended to reject anti-abortion measures. Another Republican state, Kansas, already made a splash this summer when 59% voted for a new state. in favor of keeping that right intact.

These results will help reinforce abortion at a particularly critical moment after the blow dealt by the Supreme Court –in conservative hands–; and the reactionary measures approved in some states of the country. Almost 30% of voters in the midterm elections have said that abortion has been the most important issue in these elections, only behind inflation. p>

Measures against slavery

Abortion, slavery, and marijuana: Other key results of the elections in the United States

Hard to believe it may seem, in the US there is still the slavery. More than 150 years after the liberation of the slaves, the 13th; Amendment of the National Constitution still contemplates this affront against human rights as a form of criminal punishment, an exception that has allowed labor exploitation of the prisoners.

About 20 states have constitutions that justify such treatment of convicted felons, but that's out of the question. Changing. In conservative Tennessee, an overwhelming 79.7% of citizens have voted in favor of amending the constitution to remove language allowing slavery as a criminal punishment, something that is still in effect. With this vote, it is established that from now on the state Magna Carta includes the declaration: “Slavery and involuntary servitude are prohibited forever.”

Alabama, Vermont, Louisiana and Oregon have followed the same path to introduce changes in the wording of their constitutions that amend this injustice. At the moment none of these proposals will force There will be immediate changes to prisons in those states, but could lead to legal battles over how prison labor is used.

Legalize consumption of marijuana

Abortion, slavery and marijuana: Other key results of the elections in the United States

In the last decade, as many as 19 states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. This Tuesday, the list has been expanded to 21. Maryland and Missouri have voted in favor of this measure, which is increasingly accepted throughout the country. However, the other three states called to the polls to decide their position regarding the use of cannabis (Arkansas, North Dakota and South Dakota, all of conservative tradition) have rejected the proposal. request. In Arkansas the use of marijuana is allowed under medical prescription and in South Dakota its use for recreational purposes was legalized. in 2020 but the decision was invalidated by the Supreme Court.