About 6 billion tons of water per day. In Greenland, there was a crazy jump in ice melt


    About 6 billion tons of water a day. Greenland experienced a crazy ice melt surge

    Greenland experienced one of the biggest ice melts on record last week , which greatly alarmed all researchers.

    Several days of unusually warm weather in northern Greenland caused the rapid melting of glaciers, as evidenced by rivers of melt water rushing into the ocean, writes CNET.

    Scientists note that the temperature has risen 10 degrees higher than usual for this time of year and is 15°C. According to researchers, the volume of ice that melted in Greenland only between July 15 and July 17, amounting to 6 billion tons of water per day, is enough to submerge West Virginia (USA) by 30 cm under water.

    “If you look at climate averages over 30-40 years, you can understand that the melting of the ice last week is clearly not normal,” said scientist Ted Scambos from the University of Colorado.

    Scientists are afraid of such a sharp warming.

    “We are very worried. It is scary to imagine what consequences await us due to global warming. What is even more amazing is that with such weather these days we could even walk in T-shirts,” said scientist Kutalmis Sailam from the University of Texas.

    Every summer, scientists worry that they will see a repeat of the record-breaking melt that occurred in 2019, when 532 billion tons of ice flowed into the sea. An unexpectedly hot spring and July heat wave in 2019 caused almost the entire surface of the ice sheet to melt. As a result, global sea levels have risen by 1.5 mm.

    Recent studies point to an increasingly dangerous situation on the iciest island in the Northern Hemisphere. A study in February showed that the bottom of the Greenland Ice Sheet is experiencing a high rate of melt, caused by huge amounts of meltwater flowing from the surface. This water is especially dangerous because it can destabilize the top layer and lead to massive and rapid loss of ice.

    In 2020, scientists discovered that the melting of the Greenland ice sheet had reached a critical point. According to Ohio State University researchers, no amount of efforts to prevent global warming will be able to stop it.

    Another study has shown that the rate of melting in recent years exceeds anything Greenland has experienced in the past 12,000 years, and this is enough to cause noticeable changes in the gravitational field above the island.


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