About the faith of Ukrainians. Alina Pash presented a new song

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About the faith of Ukrainians. Alina Pash presented a new song

The composition became the first from the singer's new album, which she will present in 2023.

Singer Alina Pash presented a new song and video called Virity. The video was published on Youtube on November 11.

It is known that the beginning of the track was written on the plane, on the way to Lithuania, and she wrote poems on a tree in the forests, which are listed in the UNESCO heritage.

As for the video, the location was the Lviv Experimental Ceramics and Sculpture Factory, where the artist appeared among the old monuments and sculptures.

“Faith is our strength, in which we are united, especially now. I believe that we, Ukrainians, are a big family, which now does not have the worst or the best, western or eastern.And I would sincerely want this song to encourage us to, despite all the difficulties, look confidently into the future, remember and retell descendants of our past, our present, which we fight for blood, did not hide our eyes, wiped away tears, and walked all together,” she commented on the premiere of the composition.

Previously posted It was reported that Alina Pash presented two new versions of the song Tіni Zabutih Predkіv and a video clip for one of them.

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