Acadie Stream: Content Creators United for Mental Health

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Acadie Stream : content creators united for mental health

The event raised several thousand dollars.

DomCasse during Acadie Stream

Dozens of French-speaking content creators are gathered at the CEPS of the Université de Moncton this weekend for the Acadie Stream event.

They raised nearly $7,000 for the Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick.

Acadie Stream brought together streamers, which can be translated into French as instavideasts, from across Canada. This is the first event of its kind in New Brunswick.

The whole thing could obviously be followed live on the best-known broadcasting platform of this medium, Twitch. It allows you to interact in real time with the content broadcaster.

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For one of the participants, who broadcasts under the pseudonym TheLeoVinci, the advantage of streaming is precisely this interaction with his audience.

It's a medium where you truly connect with the world. It's more personal, it's more interactive, he explains.

“You develop real relationships, unlike with the TV, where there really is a wall between the screen and the person.

— TheLeoVinci, Twitch Content Creator

We, as we are there with the world, we talk, we respond, and we develop relationships, he says .

TheLeoVinci while interviewing at Radio-Canada.

This medium also gives great creative freedom, adds ptitetannante, met Sunday on the third and last day of Acadie Stream.

She adds that the vitality of the French-speaking community of streamers outside Quebec is of great value. I know what it's like to live in a linguistic minority, explains the one who lived in Toronto for three years.

LullubiesPies (left), BubblyMarie (center) and ptitetannante (right) being interviewed in Moncton, New Brunswick on October 9, 2022.

Acadian streamer Alsenic is one of the instigators of the project. People who follow him on Twitch have told him they've been through some tough times, but spending virtual time with him has helped them.

It was not going well, then just spending my evenings with you chatting, laughing, that changed everything, he heard.

Alsenic during Acadie Stream

With Acadie Stream, so they were able to unite to help a little more, through the Canadian Mental Health Association, to whom the donations collected will be given.

You don'as pas idea, it warms my heart to have an event like this here, mentioned Alsenic.

According to the report by Félix Arseneault< /em>

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