Accommodations to limit the trauma of children who testify in court

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Arrangements to limit the trauma of children who testify in court

The Family Court Legal Department no longer wants children to have to tell their story multiple times.

The London Family Court Legal Department wants to centralize all services to children and young people testifying in court to avoid having to tell their story multiple times.

The goal is to bring together the services of the police, social workers and health care providers under one roof.

This creates an access point unique and a less traumatic experience for the children, explains Tuhin Jajal, general manager of the legal department.

According to him, it is not uncommon for children to tell their story at least half a dozen times.

This approach allows us to focus on care, and families to focus on healing, he says.

Since the mid-1970s, the London Family Court Legal Service has provided support to children and young people involved in the court process and their families.

With the system often under strain, Mr. Jajal believes it is essential that agencies work together to help its users.

To accomplish this, two new interview rooms will be added to the Beacon House Youth and Children's Support Center (CYAC), located in a new part of the building. #x27;central location of Pall Mall street.

According to Mr. Jajal, efforts are being made to ensure that the new premises are child-friendly. Volunteers, for example, painted frescoes on the walls.

In addition, the legal department is seeking donations, including toys, snacks, furniture, to carry out its project.

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