Acer presents the eKinekt BD 3 bike desk: pedal, recharge, work!

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This bike desk from Acer converts pedaling energy into electricity to charge smartphones and PCs.

Acer presents the eKinekt BD 3 bike-desk: pedal, recharge, work!

The massive adoption of telecommuting during the pandemic has brought the home gym back into fashion. And some have adopted bike desks, which allow you to work while pedaling. Riding on this trend, Acer is taking advantage of CES 2023 in Las Vegas to lift the veil on its eKinekt BD3 bike desk. At first glance, it's just an exercise bike with a desk table. With this product, Acer offers a special feature: when you pedal, you also charge your electronic devices!

Your energy is not lost

In other words, it is the calories you expend while pedaling that generate electricity to then recharge your PC, smartphone or other. According to Acer, one hour of pedaling at 60 rotations per minute generates 75 watts. The user has two USB Type-A ports and two USB Type-C ports to plug in multiple devices at the same time. On the back, an LED indicator lights up when pedaling energy is converted into electricity for electronic devices.

On the design side, Ace offers two modes: a work mode and a sport mode. In the first mode, the desk is brought closer to the user to allow him to work. On the second, the desk is remote, for more comfort, if the user is not working. The height of the seat is adjustable, as well as the height of the desk, and the resistance of the pedals.

“The thoughtful design allows users to take advantage of downtime between shifts to stay energized and exercise in a small area. Runners can then seamlessly return to work mode by simply dragging the desktop surface back to its original position”,, the brand says. Otherwise, the desk and the coating of the bike, Acer indicates that it has used recycled plastic.

 Acer presents the eKinekt BD 3 bike desk: pedal, recharge, work!

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A desk-bike for telecommuting and business

Users can follow their progress on a small LCD screen or on their smartphone, thanks to an application offered by Acer. And in order for the exercise tracking to be more accurate, the user can populate the app with information like their height, weight, age, etc. The app allows you to know the duration of pedaling, the distance, the speed, as well as an estimate of the quantity of calories burned.

With this product, Acer targets both the homes of teleworkers, but also companies wishing to equip their employees with office bikes. For those who are interested, the eKinekt BD3 desk-bike will be available in Europe from June, and will be priced at 999 euros.

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