Actress Ksenia Mishina told a few funny stories from childhood

Actress Ksenia Mishina, which became the winner of show “Dances with stars 2019 s”, shared stories from his childhood. The popular actress, best known for not only his talent, but beauty said that was not always attractive.

Актриса Ксения Мишина рассказала несколько забавных историй из детства

That at school she was a Tomboy and she didn’t have many fans, Mishin said in an interview with “Caravan of stories”.

In General, a child I never considered myself an attractive girl. Me massively in love, and prom Queen, I was not listed. Would you think I did not know! I was a bit of a Tomboy, emotional and with a keen sense of justice. Not just that, immediately climb to prove his innocence or stood up for the innocent. As a girl, the Princess herself had never considered

shared Mishin.

The actress also recalled an unpleasant story that happened to her before prom. The girl went to the hairdresser to make a fashionable hairstyle for prom. However, a trip to the wizard ended up with a big trouble: her messed up hair.

Remember how before the prom went to the Barber shop. It was the fashionable ragged haircut, I had hair the same length as it is now. And I have cut so that the top left ragged hedgehog, from whom descended the three strands of hair just below your shoulders

says the actress.

Then the girl had to look for a new dress to make it more harmonious.

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