Actual makeup for July and August 2022


    Actual makeup on July and August 2022

    This year's fashion is carefree, natural and bright colors. Rhinestones and pearls did not go unnoticed

    With the onset of summer, new makeup trends come into our lives. Of course, no one will stop you from wearing makeup the way you are used to, or not at all, but the summer time is a great time to try something new and bright. After all, when else to experiment, if not during sunny days?

    This summer, your makeup can be bold and natural, colorful and discreet, minimalist and amazing. There are so many trends in fashion that everyone can choose something for themselves.

    “The application can really depend on the individual's appearance. Natural, radiant skin with blush is now more popular than ever, but this year we are seeing bolder makeup solutions: glitter, metallics and bright colors in eyeliner,” says makeup artist Ashley Rebecca, who painted celebrities for red carpets and fashion photo shoots for gloss.

    Among the innovations popular this year is the rejection of the clear sculpting of the face in the style of the previous Kim Kardashian. Now it is recommended to focus on the cheekbones and nose with the help of blush. Moreover, now blush, along with concealer, is also applied under the eyes as a corrector. But what became a revolution in TikTok turned out to be a trick that makeup artists have long known.

    “There are a lot of viral videos with this kind of makeup, but makeup artists have been using it for years,” notes Nick Lujan, a New York-based makeup artist with 15 years of experience in the fashion industry.

    But there are a few trends that have emerged this year and are not going to give up positions. And summer 2022 is the time to try them.

    Eyebrow accent

    Eyebrows remained in their natural form for a long time. Especially after they were brought into fashion by Natalia Vodianova and Cara Delevingne. But now on the catwalks, fashion photo shoots and social media trends, images are increasingly appearing when eyebrows are given a lot of attention.

    Among the most interesting trends are thin brows in the style of the 1920s, which repeatedly returned to fashion and left again into oblivion, when fashionistas just got tired of plucking them.

    And also, bleached eyebrows that do not distract attention from bright eye makeup. The good news is that you don't need to pluck anything in this case.

    Monochrome makeup

    Not only does monochrome makeup perfectly emphasize facial features, but it also simplifies the application process.

    “The idea of ​​choosing the right shade of lips or blush and applying it to other areas of the face is simple and effective,” says Nick Luzhan .

    Shades of coral, peach, pink, red, and brick are great for monochrome makeup, as they tend to be the most flattering for a variety of skin tones. No one bothers to try brighter colors, but here you can make a mistake and the makeup will be ruined. So makeup artists advise – if you want to experiment with brighter and bolder colors, it may be better to limit these colors to the eyeshadow area, and leave all other areas natural and untouched.

    Precious eyes

    < p>Gemstones, rhinestones and pearls have regained their place as fashion accessories for the face.

    This trend is cyclical and returns to fashion every 10-15 years. The last time he was truly popular was in the 1990s and early 2000s.

    It is possible that the series “Euphoria” contributed to the popularity of makeup using rhinestones – a real storehouse of original ideas for makeup and manicure. Recall that nail art, nicknamed “hourglass” in social networks, is more popular than ever, and was invented specifically for one of the heroines of the series.

    But in any case, make a fantasy make-up using shiny stones and pearls One of the must-haves for this summer. It is better to place them in the eye area.

    Splash of color

    Summer 2022 is the time to say goodbye to the neutral color palette, get a few bright eyeliners and eye shadow palettes and break away in full.

    One of the most popular shades of this season is periwinkle Very Peri – the color of this year, as proclaimed by the Color Institute Pantone. According to makeup artists, this color is very flattering, as it has a reddish tint, which makes it suitable for all skin types.

    Whether you're following this trend with eye makeup, lipstick, or gloss, Lujan recommends keeping it simple. “It should be remembered that a splash of color in one area of ​​the face is always the best way to impress.

    But besides lilac or periwinkle, you should try bright eyeliner or shadows in the summer of 2022 – blue, neon, yellow, in a word, any color you like.

    Reverse Cat Eye

    Another eye makeup trend for 2022 is eyeliner. Cat-eye eyeliner, but reversed, has returned to the catwalks and celebrity makeup.

    The advantage of it is that it is suitable for any eye shape, even with an overhanging eyelid and will give makeup a mysterious and extravagant look.

    Whether you make the lines sharp or blurry, the reverse cat eye will make the eyes look bigger and more expressive. Since the upper eyelid is light and bright, and the corners of the eyeliner lift the outer corners of the eyes.

    Focus already wrote how to make the perfect “cat's eye” and diversify your eye makeup.

    Shining lip gloss

    After quarantine restrictions were lifted and masks went into oblivion, fashionistas can finally pay attention to lip makeup again.

    Glitter is back in fashion. Shiny juicy lips are the trend of this summer 2022. To create the right effect, glosses with iridescent particles are suitable that will make your lips shine in the sun.


    Now it's hard to believe, but once upon a time freckles were hidden and whitened. Now they are in fashion.

    And if you don’t have your own freckles, then cosmetics come to the rescue. Some even get tattoos in the form of freckles, but this is too radical a make-up method.

    Instead of it, you should refresh your face with artificial freckles. You can apply them with henna, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil or even a special freckle pencil.

    This is especially recommended for those who cannot refuse tonal foundation. Makeup artists believe that it is “sun kisses” that can revive an even, artificial skin tone.


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