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Adobe at the heart of many controversies around Photoshop

For several months, the publisher responsible for the Photoshop software has been the subject of several controversies concerning its generative AI model and its various subscriptions.

The year 2024 is marked by controversies for Adobe. The company responsible for editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom has been suffering from one setback after another for several months, to the point of being caught in the middle of angry artists and dissatisfied users over its subscription cancellation conditions. We explain everything to you.

“Adobe reserves the right to access your content”

The first big controversy regarding Adobe took place several weeks ago. Various users of the publisher's software have noticed this problem. a particularly worrying line within Photoshop's terms of use. Sections 2.2 and 4.1 of these terms have recently been updated. modified by the company to inform users that Adobe reserved the right to access the content created ;es through the image creation and editing software.

The reactions were not long in coming. à follow. On the social network to the boycott of Adobe and the various software programs of the publisher:

The concern of the artists in question relates in particular to the use of their content by Adobe in order to improve and train its solution of # 39;artificial intelligence called Firefly. Over the past few months, several artists have notably spotted illegal or illicit reproductions of their works thanks to of AI.

Adobe did not miss out on this. to react & the controversy and to take a quick step back on its terms of use of its software. The English page of the terms and conditions of use of Adobe solutions has recently been updated. setting à updated and now specifies the license surrounding content generated via Adobe applications does not allow the training of data models ;#39;AI. Unfortunately, artists now seem revolted by Adobe on the issue, but also on the company's economic model .

Deceptive termination fees according to the FTC

For several years now, a good number of Adobe software products have moved to the economic model based on the subscription. In the words of Dana Rao, legal director of the company, these subscription services are at their disposal. both practical and flexible for users to choose the plan that best suits them. their needs.

Terms with which many users seem to disagree. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) recently spoke out about this. à against Adobe subscriptions, and especially the termination conditions at this time. his last. According to the FTC, Adobe's company practices may be considered deceptive and may result in additional, well-hidden costs. ;eacute;s, especially if you wish to cancel a subscription before its initial commitment period.

According to Samuel Levine, director of an office within the FTC, Adobe knowingly traps its customers through its subscriptions to the year who fail to specify the costs of early termination as well as several obstacles to termination. cancellation. The termination fees in question would be calculated based on your decision. up to 50% of remaining payments when customers cancel their contracts during their first year, according to the FTC complaint . The latter also accuses Adobe of hiding their termination options from other sources. through multiple pages, calls and transfers of their requests in order to dissuade them from stopping their current subscription.

An affirmation à which Adobe opposes through their website. The FTC's legal action is therefore expected to continue in court within the next few months.

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