Afghanistan: At least five killed in suicide bombing outside ministry

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Afghanistan: at least five dead in a suicide attack in front of a ministry

A Chinese delegation was expected at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where the attack took place x27;attack.

The new terrorist attack against the Taliban power left at least five dead.

The jihadist organization Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for a suicide attack on Wednesday outside the entrance to the Afghan Foreign Ministry in Kabul, which killed at least five dead.

A suicide bomber blew himself up on Wednesday at the entrance to the Afghan Foreign Ministry in Kabul, where a Chinese delegation was expected during the day. At least five people were killed and dozens more were injured, according to initial reports.

The ISIS propaganda organ, Amaq, reported on the Telegram network that one of the organization's members managed to overcome the Taliban checkpoints before blowing up his explosive belt amid staff and guards as they exited the main entrance to the ministry, killing several including diplomats.

The Taliban claim to have improved security in the country since returning to power in August 2021, but numerous bomb attacks have been carried out in recent months, generally claimed by ISIS, the local branch of the Islamic State group. .

The Islamic Emirate condemns such an attack. The perpetrators of this act will be found and punished, Kabul police spokesman Khalid Zadran told reporters.

An AFP driver who accompanied a team of agency journalists conducting an interview inside the Ministry of Information, located directly opposite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, witnessed the explosion.

I saw about 20-25 casualties. I don't know how many of them were dead or injured, testified this driver Jamshed Karimi.

I was waiting in the car, when I saw a man with a Kalashnikov over his shoulder and carrying a bag. He passed by my car and after a few seconds there was a loud bang. I saw that man blow himself up, he added.

The rear window of the vehicle he was in was shattered by the blast, as were windows of the Ministry of Information.

A suicide bomber tried to break into the ministry but was unsuccessful and was discovered by security forces and blew himself up, the Deputy Director General of Public Affairs wrote on Twitter and strategies, Ahmadullah Muttaqi.

Images of the place after the attack, authenticated by AFP, show several bodies lying on the road which borders the ministry. You can also hear injured people calling for help and see passers-by coming to their aid.

Italian NGO Emergency, which operates a hospital in Kabul, reported receiving more than 40 injuries. The number of casualties continues to rise as the situation evolves, the humanitarian organization said in a statement.

We even installed beds in the kitchens and the canteen, continued Emergency Director for Afghanistan Stefano Sozza.

There was supposed to be a Chinese delegation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, but we do not know if she was present at the time of the explosion, the deputy minister for Information and Culture, Muhajer Farahi.

However, according to Ahmadullah Muttaqi, no foreigners were present at the ministry when it was attacked.

On December 12, an attack claimed by ISIS was carried out by armed men, some of whom were killed, against a hotel in the Afghan capital housing Chinese businessmen.

Five Chinese citizens were injured in the attack. Some customers had jumped out of the windows of the establishment to escape the fire that had broken out during the attack.

Beijing has not officially recognized the Taliban government, but China, which shares a 76 km border with Afghanistan, is one of the few countries to have maintained a diplomatic presence there.


She has long feared that Afghanistan could become a jumping off point for the Muslim Uyghur minority coming from the very sensitive Chinese border region of Xinjiang.

The Taliban promised that Afghanistan would not be used as a base by Uyghur militants. In return, Beijing has offered them economic support and investments for the reconstruction of their country.

The Taliban are also counting on China to transform one of the largest deposits world's copper in mining plant. An exploitation that would be invaluable in rehabilitating a cash-strapped Afghanistan hit by international economic sanctions.

The Chinese are not the only foreigners targeted by IS in recent months, as the Taliban attempts to attract investment from neighboring countries.

The 2 December, IS claimed responsibility for an attack on the Pakistani embassy in Kabul, claiming to have targeted the head of mission.

As of September, two staff from the Russian Embassy were killed in a suicide bombing outside their mission, another attack claimed by ISIS.

Des Hundreds of people, including members of minority communities in Afghanistan, have been killed or injured in other attacks since the Taliban regained power.

The analysts consider that the jihadists of the EI, a Sunni group like the Taliban, but with which the latter maintain a deep enmity and ideological differences, remain the main threat weighing on the Kabul regime.

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