After 3 years of work, the paper Nespresso capsules are here

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Nespresso presents its new paper capsules (instead of aluminum). The company says it didn't compromise on taste.

After 3 years of work, the paper Nespresso capsules are here

If you like coffee, but have always refused to use Nespresso capsules (and others) because these capsules are made of metal, this news may change your mind. Indeed, soon, instead of buying aluminum Nespresso capsules, you will be able to opt for the compostable paper version.

Paper capsules that you can compost at home

This is the latest innovation from the Nestlé subsidiary. According to this, the creation of this home compostable paper capsule (TÜV certified) required 3 years of research and development.

Indeed, it is not enough to use paper, since the taste also had to be taken into account. In this regard, according to Nespresso, this new capsule “perfectly” restores the taste of coffee that has made the brand's reputation, without compromise, while responding to users' concerns in terms of ecology.

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These new products will be compatible with Nespresso Originals machines and offered in France and Switzerland from 2023. Then, the paper capsules will arrive in other European countries in 2024. Nesspresso also specifies that in France, after use, the paper caps are “allowed in the public collection of bio-waste”.

In addition to the aluminum caps (recycled and recyclable)

According to a Reuters article, the goal is not to replace aluminum capsules with paper ones, but to give consumers more choice. In any case, the company hopes to attract new consumers, and to keep current consumers, at a time when ecological concerns are increasingly important.

“We are once again doing the choice of sustainability, without renouncing quality”, said Guillaume Le Cunff, CEO of Nespresso. It also reminds us that the aluminum capsules are made with 80% recycled aluminum. In addition, these capsules are recyclable.

Giving the consumer a choice

Nevertheless, quoted by Reuters, Le Cunff explains that consumers are not always aware that these aluminum capsules are recyclable. Because of this, Nespresso believes that some may be reassured by the use of paper capsules.

“You can compost paper capsules or recycle aluminum ones. We let the customer choose, he added, still according to the British agency.

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