After 8 Mile, a series on Eminem is in preparation

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20 years after his semi-autobiographical film, 8 Mile, rapper Eminem is getting his TV series, co-created by 50 Cent.

In recent years, a fashion for musical biopics has been in full swing in Hollywood. You don't have to name a few releases from the last two years to realize this, between Billie Holiday, An Affair of State, Respect, Aline, or the recent Elvis and I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Soon, among others, it is Amy Winehouse who will have the right to her biopic (Back to Black), as well as Bob Dylan (Going Electric), 16 years after the exciting I'm Not There, directed by Todd Haynes.

Another great celebrity who has already had the right to his own film, rapper Eminem, who in 2002 starred in the semi-autobiographical 8 Mile. But 20 years later, the cult artist of a whole generation will have the right to a new project around his career, as rapper and producer 50 Cent recently announced on BigBoy TV strong>:

“I'm going to adapt 8 Mile for television. It's happening. It's going to be huge. I'm not going to miss it. […] I think it should exist for his legacy, because it's important for I want people to grasp the magnitude of it. […] I will be able to offer more detail than what can be said in an interview or elsewhere, and which comes out here or there. We can highlight these things, as well as the temperament of the characters.”

In this same interview, 50 Cent talks about this series 8 Mile as a contemporary reinterpretation of the 2002 film, taking the example of Bel-Air (2022), the Peacock reboot adapted from the Prince of Bel-Air ( 1990). The Power rapper and producer added that this project will really focus on behind the scenes of Eminem's rise in the world of hip-hop.

As a reminder, 8 Mile was set in Detroit in the mid-90s and followed young Jimmy Smith Jr. in his beginnings as a rapper, somewhere between white suburbs and black neighborhoods. The film was directed by Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential, Wonder Boys) and starred Kim Basinger, Brittany Murphy, and Mekhi Phifer, among others. Note that Eminem won the Oscar for best song in 2003 with Lose Yourself.

Waiting to learn more about this series 8 Mile, remember that the series co-produced by 50 Cent, taken from the Power franchise, Power Book II: Ghost, will return March 17 next, on the Starz platform, for a third season.

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