After being drugged without her knowledge, Louane gives her news

After being drugged without his knowledge, Louane shares his news

Monday June 13, Louane was drugged without her knowledge in a bar. The young woman finally breaks the silence and gives her news.

Yesterday, the young singer had an experience she would have preferred to avoid. Indeed, Louane has been drugged with GHB, also known as the date rape drug. The interpreter of Sarah in Visionshad gone out with friends for a drink in a bar. The star explained that he had consumed only one alcoholic drink. Very quickly, Louane felt very unusual symptoms. The young mother has indeed suddenly started to stagger. She was also unable to control her movements. Fortunately, Louane was well accompanied during this evening. She then called a doctor who concluded that she had been drugged with GHB.

This is not the first time that famous people have been victims of this kind of aggression. For several weeks, several complaints have been reported concerning bites causing the same adverse effects. A candidate from Marseille has also recently been the victim of this new drug during a party. After her assault, the actress reportedly went to a police station to file a complaint. Since this story, Louane has been discreet on social networks. Her fans therefore worried a lot about her. Today finally, the singer gives her news.

Louane is smiling again

On Instagram, the young mother has just posted several pictures in which she appears all smiles. In these photos, Louane poses on a green lawn in a little pink skirt. Very quickly, the singer received many compliments from her subscribers in the comments of her publication. We can notably read this kind of messages: “The definition of beauty in 3 photos”, or even “Beautiful as always”. Louane therefore seems to be doing much better today. For the moment, the young mother has not spoken on social networks about her attack. Her fans are however reassured to see her again with a smile.

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