After Gravity and Roma, Alfonso Cuaron will make a film about one of the greatest geniuses of SF


The Oscar-winning filmmaker will produce, and maybe even direct, a biopic about one of the greatest authors for Amazon.

While the filmmaker was one of the trio of Mexican directors who managed to impose their vision on the United States in the early 2000s, Alfonso Cuarón gradually forged a filmographysimultaneously intimate and spectacular. After directing the third installment of the Harry Potter saga in 2004, he confirmed his status as a great director and won several Oscars for his mesmerizing Gravity and subsequently, its very nice Roma.

Now in command of the series Disclaimer, produced by Apple TV+ with Cate Blanchett and Kevin Kline, the filmmaker may also be looking into Jane, an Amazon project spearheaded by Isa Dick Hackett. Best known for directing The Man in the High Castle, a serial adaptation of the novel of the same name by her father, Philip K. Dick (to whom the SF monuments from which the films are based< strong>Blade Runner, Total Recall, or even Minority Report), the producer now wants to pay a little more homage to her father with footage centered around the author's deceased twin sister, Jane Charlotte Dick.

A film and footage that will have upset science fiction

Cuarón, Hackett and actress Charlize Theron (who is also rumored to play the character) will produce the footage for the Amazon Prime platform. And it could even be that the filmmaker goes behind the camera, even if for the moment, nothing has been communicated in this regard.

According to the official project description, written by Isa Dick Hackett, Jane will be a simultaneously emotional and jam-packed narrative dark humor,giving pride of place to the relationship between a woman and her illustrious twin brother:

“I've lived with Jane's story for as long as I can remember. Jane, my father's twin sister, died just weeks after she was born, but she remained central to his universe. In keeping with the incredible imagination of it, this film will challenge biopic conventions to embrace the alternate reality that Philip K. Dick desperately yearned for.

It is easy to imagine the filmmaker behind the intimate Roma fresco at the helm of this personal story

The one where his beloved sister survived more than six weeks. We will therefore tell his story, and through it, we will observe the novelist. There's no better way to honor him than to be able to make his dearest wish come true, even if it's only on screen.”

A film that therefore promises, according to these premises, a work that is simultaneously personal, touching, but also whimsical. And indeed, who better than the filmmaker of the intimate and the sensational to carry out such a project? Alfonso Cuarón having cheerfully changed the face of science fiction in cinema through the prism of his Gravity in 2013, it would indeed seem particularly congruous that the latter directs a film centered around one of the figureheads of the genre. Business to follow, therefore.


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