After Knives Out, Rian Johnson releases the trailer for his series whodunit Poker Face

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The trailer for Rian Johnson's new series Poker Face reveals his exciting whodunit concept and some of his crazy cast.

While we are waiting with a firm footing Glass Onion: a story at loggerheads, the continuation of Detective Benoit's investigations White (played by Daniel Craig, finally disentangled from his James Bonderies), Rian Johnson is not done with the whodunit genre. Far from being bored by this puzzle playground, the director obviously has several sequels planned for Netflix to his franchise At daggers drawn.

And as if that wasn't enough (but it wasn't enough for us anyway), Johnson also has a new project with a similar concept, ordered this time by Peacock. Entitled Poker Face, this series juggling criminal mysteries already has a mind-boggling (and different) cast for each of its ten episodes, with a young woman who can detect lies, played by the hilarious Natasha Lyonne (The Russian Dolls, Orange is the New Black) as the main investigator. A first trailer has just dropped.

This new shock detective would have been created during a dinner during which Rian Johnson evoked all the reasons which make us appreciate the police series so much (according to himself). Thus, it would have resulted in Charlie Cale, the Miss Marple of Hercule Poirot by Benoit Blanc. Endearing investigator who always ends up discovering the truth, the character of Natasha Lyonne will be on screen by (among many others) Adrien Brody, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nick Nolte, Ron Perlman or Tim Blake Nelson.

Among all these prestigious guests will necessarily be the killers and the victims, offering us a real game of massacre in which only our heroine will be able to pull out of the game in the end. Creative, modern and enticing rewriting of the stories of Agatha Christie or Gaston Leroux, we can easily see with this first trailer an endless potential for the series. Simplicity and sometimes synonymous with efficiency and rarely antagonistic to a good scenario, which could well be the case for Poker Face, which we would already want to devour if we had it on hand.

Whether it's its concept, its casting or the fact that Rian Johnson keeps selling us dreams lately, we've been eager to discover the ten episodes of Poker Face, which seem earthy, from what little we have been able to see. Despite everything, you will have to be patient since the series will only be released on Peacock on January 26, 2023, which leaves no known release window in France for the moment. To be continued.

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