After Moonfall, Roland Emmerich will do his Gladiator


Away from disaster cinema, Roland Emmerich will direct THose About To Die, an ambitious series about gladiator fights.

Far from the years when he amassed crowds in theaters for The Day After or Independence Day, Roland Emmerich experienced the biggest disaster of his career this year. His last film, Moonfall, ended in a monumental box office crash to such an extent that it became one of the biggest commercial failures in contemporary cinema. The interstellar flop of the feature film thus had the effect of confirming Roland Emmerich as one of the vestiges of an old entertainment industry.

Consequence of this failure or not, the next project of the director will not be in the cinema. Indeed, for the first time Roland Emmerich will be in charge of directing an entire television series. No more climatic, cosmic or alien disasters: the filmmaker tackles an epic about the gladiators.

According to Variety, American streaming service Peacock has taken over Daniel Mannix's historic book, Those About To Die, in order to produce an adaptation in series format. The ambition would be to create an epic fresco of ancient Rome focusing on circus games. The basic material being very documented (Mannix's book is not intended to be romanticized), we would have imagined for this project a realistic approach that straddles the veracity of the facts.

However, it was Roland Emmerich that Peacock called on to take care of his series, the filmmaker not being known for his naturalistic understanding of history.

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For the series, Roland Emmerich was reunited with his screenwriter from The Patriot, the Road to Freedom, Robert Rodat. They are both executive producers and will have the responsibility to make it a success or not. The two remain quite familiar with the historical genre (Robert Rodat is notably the screenwriter of Saving Private Ryan) but the director's love of excess risks in any case having a colossal impact. on how Those About To Die will look at the end. Variety got him a comment on the subject:

The mighty Roman Empire has always fascinated me, especially its gigantic games that entertained the crowds in the Colosseum. […] At the heart of it all are diverse characters who all yearn for glory, who have been fallen and want to belong to something greater.

Circus games could be seen as a metaphor for the modern entertainment cinema and Emmerich's fascination would be best explained in this way. Suddenly, a series about ancient grand entertainment, made by a fallen modern entertainment maker, is very intriguing.

Whether it's Gladiator or Roland Emmerich's Spartacus with 10,000 sauce< /strong>or an authentic painting of the Roman games (we doubt it), the series Those About To Die could be interesting and a possible comeback of the director. 2 promised by Ridley Scott.


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