“After the capture of Kyiv”: Kadyrov threatened Poland with “demilitarization”


«After the capture of Kyiv» ;: Kadyrov threatened Poland with

The plan of “NATO demilitarization” was discussed by the leader of Chechnya with his aide Apty Alaudinov.

The leader of the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation Ramzan Kadyrov said that the Russian authorities are developing a “demilitarization plan” of NATO countries. In particular, the head of the republic said that after the “capture of Kyiv” Russia is counting on an invasion of Poland. Kadrov published the corresponding message on his Telegram channel on Tuesday, July 19.

“The plans are grandiose. We are already developing a plan for the demilitarization of NATO countries, and Poland is the first in line after the capture of Kyiv,” Kadyrov's post says. .

The leader of Chechnya also indicated that his assistant Apty Alaudinov visited the occupied territories of the Lugansk region and participated in its capture together with the “People's Militia of the LPR” without “any professionally trained military specialists or heavy equipment units .

According to Kadyrov, he, together with Alaudinov, discussed plans to invade the territory of the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, in particular Poland, “weighing the pros and cons” of the work of Chechen units during a full-scale war against Ukraine.


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