After the Dahmer series, discover the Netflix documentary on the cannibalistic serial killer

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Joe Berlinger's Netflix documentary series, Jeffrey Dahmer: Self-Portrait of a Killer, looks back on the notorious killer's arrest and trial.

Fond of spine-chilling stories, Netflix has for some time been the quasi-specialist in fiction and documentaries devoted to serial murderers and other despicable criminals of the modern era. Among these different productions, we will note for example the formidable series Mindhunter, supervised by David Fincher, his documentary series I am a Killer or of course the recent Dahmer: Monster – The story of Jeffrey Dahmer. Incidentally, this excellent Dahmer: Monster – The Jeffrey Dahmer Storyagain aroused enormous enthusiasm, proving that true crime was increasingly appealing to the platform's public.

It is therefore not trivial if the platform has just made available to its subscribers, a documentary mini-series on the serial killer in question: Jeffrey Dahmer: Self-Portrait of a Killer directed by Joe Berlinger. After the Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy documentaries, Jeffrey Dahmer: Self-Portrait of a Killeris the third part of a vast project, still shot by Joe Berlinger, which tells the story of assassins who made headlines in the United States.

Abominable killer who mainly raged in the late eighties, < strong>Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested by Milwaukee police in 1991. The investigators found a collection of macabre trophies and revealed the despicable acts practiced by the criminal, adept at cannibalism among others. The one who particularly targeted homosexuals or people of color, quickly confessed to sixteen murders and then was tried in a highly publicized trial.

Comprising three episodes lasting about an hour, Jeffrey Dahmer: Self-Portrait of a Killer, takes us behind the scenes of the investigation led by the authorities (unlike Dahmer: Monster – The story of Jeffrey Dahmer which tells the facts from the point of view of the killer). The series also focuses on the burning question already present in the opus dedicated to John Wayne Gacy: is the culprit just sick or does he incarnate pure evil?

If you want to know the answer to this question, you can discover from this October 7, Jeffrey Dahmer: Self-Portrait of a Killer on Netflix.

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