After the Night, the musical circus performance inspired by the dream of flying


After the Night, the musical circus show inspired by the dream of flying

An acrobat twirls in the air above the music group Chances.

A childhood dream of flying was the spark that ignited the creation of Après la nuit, presented until July 16 at La Tohu on the occasion of the Montreal festival completely circus. Combining circus arts, dance and music, this aerial show features acrobats flying in the air above the Montreal group Chances, who accompanies them with their electro-flavored indie pop music.

Before the pandemic, director Benoit Landry was offered an extraordinary gift on a silver platter: that of creating a tailor-made show for Tohu. He therefore decided to exploit the 20 meters height of this performance hall which allows artists to enter through the ceiling.

Obviously it called to everything that happens in the air, and it reminded me of the dream of flying that I often had, from childhood to my twenties, explains he.

This dream came to me quickly because of the feeling of freedom [it evokes], he continues. When I was given carte blanche at Tohu, I wanted to see people fly up to the ceiling, which is something you rarely see.

In addition to directing shows, Benoit Landry is also an actor, singer and musician. He notably worked on Seven Moments of Joy, the film produced by Cirque Éloize during the pandemic. After the Night brings together everything I love, I who come as much from music as from theater and directing.

For this creation, he worked with acrobats, dancers and dancers, as well as with musicians. The show was created like puzzle pieces that had to be put together. The challenge was to repeat it all in pieces without having much time to do it, he says.

It is therefore the group Chances which signs the music for the show. Songs from his debut album, Traveler, as well as his microalbum Connectioninspired Benoit Landry, who knows the group well. Once the creative process began, they wrote new songs especially for us and instrumental segments that serve as a binder in the show, he says.

In Après la nuit, the members of Chances – Geneviève Toupin, Chloé Lacasse and Vincent Carré – occupy the middle of the stage while the acrobats spin in the airs.

There are often live musicians in circus performances, but here they are in the center of the action. It is to the musicians that the spectators cling the most, and the acrobats transpose what we hear into images.

Eleven performances of Après la nuit will be performed by July 16 at La Tohu in Montreal. Tickets are on sale online.

This text was written froman interview by Stéphanie Gagnon, cultural columnist on the show Le 15-18. Comments may have been edited for clarity or conciseness.


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