After the triumph of Top Gun: Maverick, Reese Witherspoon wants to be inspired by it for The revenge of a blonde 3


Almost twenty years after his last appearance as Elle Woods, Reese Witherspoon still believes in a comeback… and is inspired by Tom Cruise!

It's not Maverick who wants! Thirty-six years after the first Top Gun, Tom Cruise has put on his super airplane pilot costume for a sequel that has enchanted audiences and critics alike. A true commercial triumph – almost $1.3 billion at the box office on a non-marketing budget of $170 million – Top Gun: Maverick has become the highest-grossing film of its career… So much so that the nostalgia asset is now giving ideas to other Hollywood stars.

One of them – and quite unexpectedly – is Reese Witherspoon who still hopes to deliver a third installment to A Blonde's Revenge. In this typical American comedy of the early 2000s, she played an endearing fuschia pink Barbie doll, always flanked by her little chihuahua and determined to make the clichés about blondes lie… A comedy that was a surprising success: 181 million dollars for a small budget of 18 million. Well, it's not Top Gun, but it was enough to have a second film (The Blonde Strikes Back), which didn't didn't go so well.

Today, the actress still hopes to have a third installment and Tom Cruise has just offered her the perfect argument.

The Louisiana actress s recently defended in the columns of the American daily newspaper USA Today:

“I really hope we'll be able to do the third movie the right way… It's like Top Gun! They waited a long time to do a new version of this movie and I loved the nostalgia that they incorporated in. Really, it gave us a lot of inspiration on what we would like to do with Elle Woods… We have to be sure we have all the elements that people liked at the time. “These characters are like my friends, I protect them. I would never do a degraded, mediocre version of their story”

This isn't the first time the subject of a third film has come up. Already in 2018, a sequel was announced, a few months before the names of the writers were made official. Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project) and Dan Goor (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) had been presented in this way, but since then it has been almost radio silence. We just know that the project is not abandoned, as evidenced by the explanations of Mindy Kaling last March:

“What does Elle Woods look like at 42?wondered- her in the columns of Time magazine, is she becoming everything she always wanted? How does her personality show up now that she is an adult? Is she more cynical? Her joy and her pep functioning well at 22, but how has life changed his perception of things?”

The screenwriter l confirmed, the project is still in the pipes, but for the moment, the scenario is not even finalized. Until then, Reese Witherspoon is set to appear in several Netflix productions, including a sci-fi movie, Pyros, directed by X-Men: Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg. strong>.


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