Agata Duda certainly did not expect this at the last celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II. Which could spoil her mood

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The funeral ceremonies of the British monarch were attended by numerous delegations from many countries.

 Agata Duda certainly did not expect this at the last ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II. What could have spoiled her mood

It was a great opportunity for many to appear in local and larger media outlets. The circumstances, however, were quite a delicate matter and that is why each of the participants of the Queen's farewell was placed on the media candlestick.

Agata Duda wore an almost identical toque on her head as the other first lady

Due to the fact that many first ladies and heads of state attended the ceremonies, the media did not hesitate to make a series of rankings and assessments of the costumes in which women appeared at Westminster Abbey.

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Our first lady, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, proudly represented our country with a styling that was one hundred percent adequate to serious circumstances. Both the length and the color of the president's wife's clothes were perfectly balanced, and the toque with a veil slightly covering the eyes was also noteworthy.

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Such headgear could be found among the women present in the temple, which is why Agata Duda was clearly visible.

A lot of photos appeared on the web, showing the Polish presidential couple, placed in front of the representatives of the American government. Our first lady's headdress turned out to be an interesting solution, but the media spotted a quite similar toque on the head of another first lady!

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As reported by “Super Express”, an almost identical headgear was chosen by Brigitte Macron, France's First Lady, for & oacute;/p>

As reported by the portal & bdquo; Ż & rdquo ;: A Ukrainian woman who poured paint on the Russian ambassador gets a fight. The activist explains what really happened on Monday during the ceremony.

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