Agata Duda delighted during foreign meetings. The expert's words leave no room for doubt

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The First Lady of the Republic of Poland travels with her husband to the USA.

Agata Duda delighted during the foreign meetings. The words of the expert leave no doubt

During the business trip of President Andrzej Duda, he is invariably accompanied by his wife, Agata Korhauser-Duda. There is no doubt that the first lady with her stylizations is a big plus in the eyes of the public.

A fashion expert assessed the appearance and styling of Agata Kornhauser-Duda

It is obvious that President Andrzej Duda has a number of duties and activities, also outside our country.

His recent travels were related to the death and final farewell of the Queen of Great Britain, during which Agata Duda won the public eye with her balanced styling.

Now Super Express reports that the first lady had a meeting in the United States with the first ladies of Lithuania and Ukraine. Due to the fact that the presidents planned to have a general debate on the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, the first ladies Agata Duda, Diana Nausėdienė and Ołena Zelenska held a debate of the Lublin Triangle.

The ladies discussed issues related to education in their countries, and also discussed the training provided by doctors from Poland and Lithuania for doctors from Ukraine. The fashion specialist, however, stated that Agata Duda looked dazzling and could easily pose for a photo for the cover of one of the famous magazines.

[…] A white suit lay on her like paint in pictures Matejki – perfect! C & oacute; ż our figure is Agata! For this she chose black shoes, a black blouse with a rather large neckline and a small black envelope. Agata Duda's look could easily appear on every cover of a fashion magazine around the world. […] – it is impossible to praise Daniel Jackob Dale.

In fact, all the ladies looked adequately, however, Agata Duda managed to emphasize her feminine strengths best, which you can see in the photos HERE.

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