Aggression in Lévis: the facts denounced never happened


Aggression in Lévis: the facts denounced never occurred

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">Angélique Pageau's Facebook post in which she detailed her assault has since been removed.

The assault that a 20-year-old young woman said she suffered in Lévis in mid-June never happened. This is the conclusion of the police. The fake victim is now charged with public mischief.

On June 16, Angélique Pageau posted a disturbing message on her Facebook page, accompanied by photos of her swollen face. She tells how she was attacked by a stranger and warns the population of Lévis against what she describes as a trap.

The attack happened took place, according to her, early in the morning, a few blocks from her home on her way home from work – she specifies that she has a night job.

As she drives, she sees a woman lying on the sidewalk. She stops and approaches to help him. That's when someone jumps on her and beats her.

Her attacker hits her in the face and in the stomach. She may scream, no one hears her, she laments. She manages to escape, regain her vehicle and flee.

Today, we can say that the facts alleged on the victim's Facebook page never happened as reported. The event in time and place never happened, said spokesperson for the Service de police de Lévis (SPVL), Jean-Sébastien Levan.

He adds that the police met with Angélique Pageau and made several checks to come to this conclusion.

They submitted the file to a prosecutor who decided to lay a charge of public mischief against the lady's place. For us, that closes the file.

Jean-Sébastien Levan does not dispute that the young woman showed signs of injury at the time. What happened to him? How and why did she end up in this state? The victim does not collaborate, comments the spokesperson for the SPVL.

Angélique Pageau will have to answer for her actions before a judge of the municipal court. The date of his appearance has not been communicated to us.

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