Agnieszka Dygant has changed beyond recognition. The photo of Beata Ścibakówna is the best proof of this. The actress revealed her secret


Many suspected Agnieszka Dygant of plastic surgery. Is it really?

 Agnieszka Dygant has changed beyond recognition. The photo of Beata Ścibak & oacute; wny is the best proof of that. The actress revealed her secret

According to the “Super Express” portal, some internet users suggested that Agnieszka Dygant underwent plastic surgery. Proof of this was to be a photo posted by my colleague Dygant – Barbara Ścibak & oacute; wna. The actress, adored by the viewer, revealed her secret. It turns out not to be a scalpel.

Agnieszka Dygant on aesthetic medicine

Vigilant Internet users have for some time started signaling the changes that were to occur in Agnieszka Dygant's appearance. As in any such case, there was immediately speculation that the actress underwent aesthetic medicine treatments. Speculation on this topic was reinforced by a photo posted by Barbara Ścibak & oacute; wna.

In the photo we can see smiling actresses. One photo was enough to dispel any doubts regarding Agnieszka Dygant's use of the services of an aesthetic medicine clinic. The change in the appearance of the actress is due to the braces. Dygant admits that wearing the camera was not particularly pleasant, but the effects are amazing.

The actress also denied that she ever used the services of aesthetic medicine. She stressed that “fillers and botox” are not for her. “As you can see, everything moves here, everything changes. There is a different jaw, a different drawing of the mouth and a different drawing of the teeth. This is not the end result yet” – explained the actress on her social media account.

She added that the problem she was struggling with was overshot bite.

How do you like Agnieszka Dygant in the new version? Did you expect the camera to bring about such significant changes in appearance?


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