Agnieszka Kotońska revealed her education. This may surprise you

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Internet users ask Agnieszka Kotońska about her past and education.

Agnieszka Kotońska revealed her education. It may surprise

Agnieszka Kotońska has gained a lot of recognition thanks to the & ldquo; Gogglebox program. In front of the TV & rdquo; where she watched and commented on various TV productions with her family, quickly gaining the audience's sympathy.

Now she is developing her career also in social media. On Instagram, she already has over 340,000 followers on her os & oacute; b.

accountPortal & ldquo; MSN & rdquo; states that Agnieszka Kotońska cannot always count on positive comments. Many internet users are primarily wondering about her education.

The celebrity assures, however, that she has not finished her adventure with basic education, contrary to what a large group of internet users claim.

& ldquo; Of course, I rummaged in the closet. I found all my testimonies and any day now I'll prove to all my doubters and haters that I'm not basically a fan & rdquo; & ndash; stated in one of the recent interviews. However, she did not decide to study a master's degree because, as she honestly admitted, she just did not want to do it at that time. Now she has a slightly different approach and regrets a bit, but she is happy anyway.

Star & ldquo; Gogglebox & rdquo; even for a while she was even procrastinating in her profession. Did you guess that he can boast such education?

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