Agropur: An agreement in principle will be presented to employees


Agropur:  an agreement in principle will be presented to employees

The strike at the Agropur plant in Granby gave dairy producers headaches.

Union workers on strike at the Agropur plant #x27;Agropur in Granby will be called upon to decide on a new agreement in principle this week.

On Monday, the Union will meet with the employer to establish a return-to-work protocol in the event that the employees accept the agreement.

Late Friday night, the parties reached a tentative agreement. […] Depending on the speed at which we will establish the protocol, we can say that we will hold a general meeting on Wednesday, explained the regional coordinator at the Central of Democratic Unions (CSD), Bernard Cournoyer.

“It is sure that everything will be done to resume operations as soon as possible. »

— Bernard Cournoyer, regional coordinator at the CSD

Last week, Agropur said it wanted to submit a complete and revised offer which would, in particular, resolve the contentious issue of work.

The Union also believes that the offer has what it takes to satisfy its members. From the moment we call it an agreement in principle, it is satisfactory on one side and on the other. In any case, it is satisfactory enough to present it to the general assembly, which will decide what to do with the proposals from both sides.

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In June, the 250 employees of the Agropur plant in Granby voted unanimously in favor of an indefinite general strike.

Recall that the unlimited general strike was called on June 29th. This week, the union announced that it was setting up a program aimed at finding another job for workers who wanted it during the conflict. The Producteurs de lait du Québec are also pushing for an agreement to be reached quickly. The latter are struggling to process their milk because of the strike.

At the moment, there was no wastage of milk in sight, but it could cause medium and long term problems. From the beginning, this has been a concern for us. Food waste, no one is for that. We told the parties that we were ready to negotiate at any time to try to find a solution to the problem, underlined Bernard Cournoyer.


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