Águilas and Gigantes have a chance to go to the final: How can they do it?

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  • Aguilas y Gigantes have a chance to go to the final: how can they do it?

With three games left to play in the Dominican winter baseball semifinal series, the teams Tigres del Licey and Estrellas de Oriente have one foot in the Final Series to be held This will be 2023.

But nothing is here. decided at all.

Águilas Cibaeñas and Gigantes del Cibao still have chances to force an extra game. Of course, only one of them would have a chance, given that in the remaining games they would be meeting on a date.

The key for either of the two Cibao teams is the following : win their three games.

At this final phase of all against all, each team has one game left with the other members of the group.

That's how it is. As Águilas, a game against the Estrellas de Oriente remains on Wednesday; on Thursday, against Tigres del Licey and on Friday against Gigantes del Cibao.

The Giants have one game left against Tigres del Licey; on Thursday they will play against Estrellas de oriente and on Friday against Águilas.

It is important to point out that in the event of a combination of victories for Tigres and Estrellas this Friday the round-robin will come ;a to its end, in view of the mathematical impossibility of the Cibao teams to reach the blues and the greens.

The path of Águilas y Gigantes goes through forcing them to play (and one of them to win) the three remaining games, so that a final and extra game is needed for a ticket to the final. As we have already said, only one of the teams would have that possibility.

This Tuesday is a day off from the tournament. The ball will be picked up again. This Wednesday, where Licey and Estrellas will seek to clinch their qualification to the final event of the tournament. Giants and Eagles, will try to extend their stay a little more.

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