Air conditioning in CHSLDs: Quebec says it can meet demand


Air conditioning in CHSLDs: Quebec says it can meet demand

The Ministry of Health and Social Services claims to have enough air conditioners to install them in all the rooms of CHSLD residents who request them.

The Government of Quebec supports to be able to offer all CHSLD residents who request it the installation of an air conditioner free of charge. This reaction from the office of the Minister responsible for Seniors, Marguerite Blais, comes the day after the publication of a study revealing that more than half of the rooms in these establishments are not air-conditioned.

In a press release sent Tuesday morning, the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) specifies that not all residents want an air conditioner in their room. But those who request one can have one installed quickly and at no cost.

CI(U)SSS have air conditioners in sufficient quantity to meet demand, again indicates the MSSS.

The Ministry also recalls that all CHSLDs in Quebec have an air-conditioned common area, and that the State is ready to face the heat waves of summer 2022.

In an interview at Midi info, on ICI Première, Paul-René Roy, provincial president of the Quebec Association of Retirees from the Public and Parapublic Sectors (AQRP) , the organization that conducted the study, said the study's findings are based on freedom of information requests made each year.

However, no data could be obtained on the ability of CHSLDs to install air conditioners free of charge for residents who request them.

C' I'm sure there are people who can decide they don't want it [an air conditioner], but we don't have any information on how many devices can be offered to residents who would like it, said Mr. Roy.

He also indicates that even if the CHSLDs have an air-conditioned common room, they are not not all residents who are able to move. And at night, during a heat wave, the heat is also present and these people are in their rooms, without air conditioning. This also poses a problem in this sense.

The provincial president of the AQRP also calls for an improvement in the supply of home care, which would involve the installation of air conditioning in seniors' residences.


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