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AirPods Pro: what is this new Apple thing that you will never be able to do without ?

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Apple's WWDC conference is very rich in new features. Indeed, in addition to having presented the new versions of its operating systems, the Cupertino firm also presented Apple Intelligence, its features based on generative AI which are arriving on iPhone, iPad and Mac (provided have a compatible device). Therefore, it is normal that the update announced by Apple for its AirPods Pro wireless headphones, and planned for this fall, almost went unnoticed.

You will be able to use Siri without speaking

However, this update includes an ultra-convenient feature that you will hardly be able to do without, once it becomes available this fall. Indeed, Apple will offer a new way to interact with its Siri assistant, on AirPods Pro. Instead of speaking with Siri, it will be possible to communicate with it with head movements: nodding your head in approval or shaking your head to refuse. Thus, it will be possible to answer or refuse a call, or interact with a message, just by moving your head. The feature will be very useful when the user is in a very noisy environment, or if they are in a place where they cannot speak.

Unfortunately, this The feature is expected to only be available on the second-generation AirPods Pro, which feature the H2 chip. Indeed, the firm explains that it relies on machine learning (a form of artificial intelligence) executed on this H2 chip.

An improvement in audio quality

Apple also relies on the H2 chip in the second generation AirPods Pro to provide, on these headphones, the voice isolation feature that it already offers on iPhone, iPad and Mac. “Machine learning, running on the H2 chip in AirPods Pro and the paired iPhone, iPad, or Mac, isolates the caller's voice and improves its quality while eliminating distracting background noise, such as that the wind, for the person receiving the call”, indicates the firm.

  • In addition to Apple Intelligence and its new operating systems, Apple also announced a major update for the second generation AirPods Pro
  • Thanks In an update to be launched this fall, it will be possible to interact with Siri without speaking, just by nodding or shaking your head
  • Apple announces also the arrival of the voice isolation feature on these wireless headphones

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