Alberta Minister Kaycee Madu strongly criticizes Ottawa for its handling of the pandemic

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Alberta Minister Kaycee Madu strongly criticizes Ottawa for its handling of the pandemic

This is not Kaycee Madu's first controversial public outing (archives).

Alberta Labor and Immigration Minister Kaycee Madu blasted the federal government's handling of the pandemic, including travel restrictions he called “political” and unsupported. on no scientific basis.

He also paid tribute to the participants in the Freedom Convoy, a demonstration that had paralyzed the Canadian capital for several weeks.

He was never about science, but about political control and power, he wrote in a tweet posted on Tuesday.

Mr. Madu, who served as Minister of Justice in the same Conservative government, also said: thank you to all those citizens [who took part in the] Freedom Convoy, who had the courage to stand up against these tyrannical policies, adding that these have endured much hate, abuse, suffering and defamation on behalf of all of us.

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Invited to comment on the reasons for his tweet, Kaycee Madu has not yet responded to requests from Radio-Canada at the time of publication of this article.

Reacting to Kaycee Madu's remarks, Lori Williams, a political scientist at Mount Royal University in Calgary, expressed her astonishment that a former justice minister could go it alone and show solidarity with citizens, some of whom have violated laws [while] others have undermined the rights and freedoms of other Canadians.

According to Ms. Williams, the health measures that have been taken are primarily based on health care and the fact that the virus often mutated, at a time when things were much less manageable than they are today, because now citizens have access to vaccines and antiretroviral drugs.

As a result, she says she has no other explanation for Kaycee Madu's public outing than to suppose that he could have expressed such remarks for the purposes of political expediency, while Alberta is preparing to have a new Prime Minister from October 6th.

“[This statement] appears now, maybe just opportunistically , as support for someone he believes may have the best chance of winning the party leadership race. »

— Lori Williams, political scientist

Similarly, she points out that if Mr. Madu disagreed with the health measures imposed by Ottawa, he should have expressed more early his opinion. I hope he is far enough away from the extreme wing of the Conservative Party, she said.

This is not the first controversy sparked by Kaycee Madu. In 2021, in a comment on social media, he accused the federal government, the Alberta New Democratic Party (NDP) and the media of wanting the province's health care system to be overwhelmed, to serve their political interests. Words for which he had to publicly apologize.

Asked about the controversy on Wednesday, Prime Minister Jason Kenney avoided commenting directly on his Minister of Labor and Immigration's remarks, saying he does not monitor what is posted on social media, and that Better to ask Kaycee Madu directly.

Jason Kenney, who was in Toronto as part of the Alberta Calling You campaign, said his government has always opposed to unnecessary measures by Ottawa, particularly those relating to travel restrictions.

“I said directly to [Justin Trudeau], as I think virtually all prime ministers have done, that there was no scientific justification [for restrictions on travel].

— Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta

The Alberta Premier also said he asked the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Theresa Tam, whether travel restrictions would prevent community transmission of the virus, and that Tam had answered in the negative.

He says he asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau why his government would take such a step then. The latter, he assures, replied that something had to be done, otherwise his government could be accused of having done nothing.

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Prime Minister Jason Kenney did not dissociate himself from his minister's remarks.

According to Jason Kenney, it was therefore clear from the start that these measures had no place to be. It is high time for the federal government to lift these measures, which we have been calling for from the start.

The Alberta premier also pointed out that the restrictions on travel to Canada have caused enormous damage to the tourism industry, the only one that has not yet fully recovered from the effects of COVID-19.

According to several sources, including A government source says Ottawa is considering ending the vaccine requirement for people entering Canada, as well as random testing at airports. The federal government is also reportedly preparing to make the use of the ArriveCan app optional by the end of this month.

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