Alberto Puig, on Marc Márquez's future partner: “Joan Mir is an option, but there are more riders”

 Alberto Puig, on Marc Márquez's future partner:

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The Team Manager of the Repsol Honda Team did not rule out Pol Espargaró for the next MotoGP season and gave more details

The 2022 MotoGP World Championship faces the Ecuadorian Grand Prix in Germany and the transfer market for next season is already beginning to move. Only 8 of the 22 current drivers are confirmed in their teams and many are the proper names that now appear.

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Perhaps one of the most important bikes, the other Repsol Honda Team -which he will share with Marc Márquez- is one of the most talked about in the boxes and his Team Manager Alberto Puig has recognized this.

"We are looking at it, we still have a bit of margin. We have several options and we are evaluating it", he spoke, leaving Pol Espargaró's future up in the air.

"Mir is one of them but there are also more pilots, all the pilots who have not yet signed, all of them have called us", he finished before the microphone of DAZN .

Marc's recovery

"Marc is very happy, he feels fine", began Alberto Puig to the question from Izaskun Ruiz in DAZN .

"Since he returned from the United States, he has entered into a dynamic of feeling well, he is very optimistic, positive and now he will soon have his first check-up with the doctors and well, little by little, he has already begun to move your hand, it's active', added one of the trusted men of the Márquez family.

Alberto Puig continued commenting on details of the rehabilitation in the pits of the Sachsenring Circuit < /strong> : "In one of these operations, the term normally has to do with a consolidation of the bone, the important thing is that there are no complications, everything is going very well and normally one already knows how he is after an intervention&# 34;.

The Repsol Honda Team Team Manager gave hope for his upcoming return: "We expect Marc Márquez before the end of the season. I don't know when, but the doctor has already said that when the bone is consolidated, there won't be any problem for him to come back".

"It will be very important that he can come back, test the bike and Obviously, at the end of the season we have training sessions and tests that are very important for next year's bike", he concluded by quoting him for the final tests.

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