Aleksander Kwaśniewski left the cinema disappointed. “I just felt pain.” What was it


The politician saw the epoch in which he began his political career on the screen of the cinema.

 Aleksander Kwasniewski left the cinema disappointed.

mixed feelings, as a member of the Polish United Workers' Party led Poland to a huge debt with wrong decisions and plunged the economy into a long-term crisis.

Absolute crap?

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Gierek's decade was recreated and filmed by Michał Węgrzyn, and the main role of Edward Gierek was played by Michał “Misiek” Koterski. The premiere of the film “Gierek” took place on January 21 this year, and Michał Koterski himself admitted in one of the interviews that it was a very demanding and engaging role.

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As it turns out, Aleksander Kwasniewski, who remembered that period, decided to satisfy his curiosity and indulge in cultural relaxation, go to the cinema to relive the times when his own political career began. Unfortunately, the production did not appeal to the former president of the Republic of Poland.

He admitted in an interview that he usually stayed in the cinema until the end of the screening, as he finally paid for the ticket, but in this case he did not manage to wait until the ending credits. Why? Outraged by what he saw, he did not leave a thread on the film “Gierek” – I used to think that you had to sit out until the end of the screening, because I paid for the ticket and it is no different. Now I have no such objections. […] It is simply a bad film, inadequate to the historical era it was supposed to present. I know these times. I just felt b & oacute; l watching it. […] What they showed was simply not there! – the politician thundered with a picture of the actions of early political decision-makers.


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