Alena Doletskaya criticized Arian Romanovsky for a post about the rest of Chubais and Smirnova in Dubai: “High-eating at the expense of famous people”


    Alena Doletskaya criticized Arian Romanovsky for a post about Chubais and Smirnova's vacation in Dubai: "High-eating at the expense of famous people"

    Alena Doletskaya criticized the ex-editor-in-chief of Tatler Arian Romanovsky for a telegram post in which he spoke about the vacation of Anatoly Chubais and his wife Avdotya Smirnova in Dubai. This insider Arian shared on Friday, noting that the couple was seen shopping. After that, the former editor-in-chief of a secular publication conducted a comic poll in his telegram on the topic of what exactly Avdotya Smirnova bought in Dubai: a diamond, a box of vodka or kefir for Chubais. In this poll, there was a reference to the archived edition of the program “School of Scandal”, which Smirnova hosted together with Tatyana Tolstaya, where Alena Doletskaya was the guest. Then Smirnova, in a conversation with Doletskaya, said that she would prefer buying a case of vodka to buying a diamond.

    Arian, times ID Condé Nast is no longer on the territory of the Russian Federation and has even disappeared from reference books, do you now consider it decent and worthy in a journalistic way (it’s like your profession) to engage in hype eating at the expense of famous people? And also to throw your questionnaires, which smell like a smelly kitchen smell, to your readers?

    You're not a dream or a spirit about the reason for the departure of Avdotya Smirnova and Anatoly Chubais. I suppose these people never shook hands with you, and now they certainly won’t. I — exactly. Fu (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. — Note ed.),

    — wrote Doletskaya, the first editor-in-chief of Vogue in Russia, in her Telegram channel.

    Romanovsky replied to her.

    Alena Stanislavovna, I hope that in such a heat you do not neglect panama, digging in the garden? What makes you so upset about people spending their summers in Dubai? They have a right. I don't go into the reasons for their departure. Moralizing, unlike you, I do not do. My editorial kitchen, as before, is kept in exemplary cleanliness and order.

    To put it in your high philological language, “darling” has nothing. And the attempt to “protect” the powers that be, when they did not ask you about it, — a sign of a person who just disappeared from the reference books. It does not seem to me that a harmless playful poll (consisting of her own quotes) could offend Avdotya Andreevna. She is still a very smart woman,

    — retorted Romanovsky.

    Alena Doletskaya criticized Arian Romanovsky for a post about Chubais and Smirnova's vacation in Dubai: "High-eating at the expense of famous people"

    Arian Romanovsky

    The opinions of subscribers in the comments were divided. Some were surprised that Doletskaya came to the defense of Chubais and his wife.

    I don't like Arian, but I see no reason to write about someone and not write about someone. You allow yourself to write about many things that can sometimes seem offensive to someone. Yes, I do not understand this at all: “Who are you to write about …”, then superlatives,

    — her subscriber Yulia turned to Doletskaya.

    Your poll is extremely vulgar, and Doletskaya's answer — direct confirmation of your mistake,

    — subscriber Tina wrote to Ariana.

    Others noted that Romanovsky's post was not worth attention at all, since there were no photos in it.

    Romanovsky himself, in correspondence with his subscribers, stated that he did not sees nothing “seditious” in what he wrote about “public spouses spending the summer in Dubai”, where thousands of people could see them in the mall.


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