Alert for the possible fall of a Chinese rocket in southern Europe this weekend


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    Alert for the possible fall of a Chinese rocket in southern Europe this weekend

    The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA for its acronym in English), has warned this Thursday that the remains of a Chinese rocket that will return to Earth. to the Earth's atmosphere could affect the airspace of southern Europe.

    Experts from the Satellite Surveillance and Tracking service of the European Union ( SST) have estimated that the remains of the rocket will re-enter the atmosphere uncontrollablybetween July 30 and 31, reported EASA, based in Cologne (western Germany), said in a statement.

    The SST has predicted several possible re-entry trajectories of the remains of the rocket, “one of which could potentially affect southern European airspace.”


    EASA recommends that national aviation authorities and air operators carefully control regulate the most recent predictions to adapt its risk assessments according to the situation and the information available.

    According to data communicated by the United States Space Command, which monitors the evolution of the remains of the rocket, it took off after a few minutes. The rocket, Long March 5B and 23 tons, began an uncontrolled descent to Earth after his mission, according to the US source. 

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