Alexander Molochnikov responded to the accusation by the deputies of LGBT propaganda: “There were no lesbians in any performance of the Gogol Center”


    Alexander Molochnikov responded to the deputies' accusation of LGBT propaganda:

    Alexander Molochnikov

    Actor Alexander Molochnikov published a post on Instagram* in which he commented on the accusations by officials of propagandizing non-traditional relations that they put forward against theaters, in particular, the Gogol Center.

    Oh, these deputies… Daring devils, burning cheats, which gays interfere with life so much. Here deputy O. broadcasts: “Our theaters propagandized non-traditional sexual relations at the expense of the budget. You won’t deny that it was in the Gogol Center … When naked lesbians run around the stage, making love on stage, — that's exactly what needs to be banned.”

    And I wonder: where will they, poor things, go now in the evenings? They went to us. I saw them both at my performances and at the Gogol Center, because their favorite artists played there. And the deputies laughed because it was funny to them, cried when they were sad, clapped when there were bows, and now they have worked so hard that they drove everyone away and shut them down. Where will you go now, beautiful girls?

    I was at almost all the performances of the Gogol Center, surprisingly, none of them had lesbians. Well, it seems that only deputy O. herself managed to “run while making love”,

    — wrote Molochnikov.

    Maxim Vitorgan joined the discussion:

    Come on, they didn't go anywhere. And they won't. Pevtsov alone takes the rap for them. Aug played them all en masse in “Intimate Places”.

    Alexander Molochnikov responded to the deputies' accusation of LGBT propaganda:

    Maxim Vitorgan

    Not true! We even had Naryshkin at 19.14, that's why he was so nervous just now!

    — Alexander answered him.

    Devils are just struggling to be attributed to men, apparently afraid of competition from gays for attention. There, one of the women — the authors of the law seem to be the son of a murderer. But not gay, thank God — raised the boy well. We all know that sexual orientation depends on upbringing, right?

    — Maxim spoke.

    On July 18, deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and Just Russia submitted a bill to the State Duma equating “denial of family values ​​and promotion of non-traditional sexual relations” with inciting ethnic hatred and propaganda of pornography. In the explanatory note to the bill, special emphasis is placed on film distribution, media and the Internet.


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