Alexandre Dionne killed so as not to “lose face” in front of his friends

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Alexandre Dionne killed so as not to “lose face” in front of his friends

Alexandre Dionne tries to convince the Parole Board of Canada to let him live in a halfway house.

The man who brutally murdered a semi-retired pharmacist in Sainte-Adèle in 2012, when he was only 17, is trying to convince the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) that #x27;he is ready to stay in a halfway house.

Not losing face in front of my friends was stronger than anything. […] Disappointing them was not an option, explained Alexandre Dionne, Wednesday, remembering the sordid murder of Gary Quenneville, 60 years old.

At the& At the time, the teenager lived with a friend in an apartment frequented by several young people, took drugs and committed petty theft. He had shared his plan, baptized Mexico, with his friends. He planned to kidnap and rob his neighbor in order to go on a trip. He eventually beat and strangled him.

Alexandre Dionne was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for 10 years, subject to an adult sentence.

During his virtual hearing with the PBC , seated in the penitentiary next to his parole officer, shaved head, wearing a blue t-shirt, the 28-year-old man took responsibility for the crime.

The idea was mine. […] There were five of us encouraging each other to go all the way, he said. At the scene, it was I who was unable to stop knocking. That, I don't put on them, that's totally me. That's the state I was in.

He claims his original plan was to knock Gary Quenneville and get his PIN. But on February 26, 2012, nothing would have gone as planned.

Upon hitting him, I received resistance from the sir. I did not expect this. It came down from there. Once on land… What really frustrated me was when he asked me: ''Why are you doing this?'' x27; That's when I yelled, ''Shut up'' and that I hit harder. It's as if that frustration was directed at me. Because by asking me that question, I had no answer.

He then strangled the victim with an electric wire.

It was almost a release of rage and I did not have the strength to stop, he said, referring to his childhood, marked by a difficult relationship with his parents and stays in a youth center.

In the weeks preceding the murder, Alexandre Dionne had amused himself by terrorizing his neighbor by robbing him five times and vandalizing his home.

Sadism, relentlessness, coldness, commissioner Carole Ménard did not lack words to express her indignation. The tranquility of Mr. Quenneville, I did not think of it, replied the murderer.

After his crime, Alexandre Dionne returned several times to his victim's home to fly.

Commissioner Joseph Laine looked stunned. The corpse was lying there, you passed by it, you came back… How do you explain that ability? he asked. I didn't care about others, I thought about myself, retorted the inmate.

Towards the end of the hearing, Carole Ménard was “a bit stunned” that Alexandre Dionne spoke with detachment and did not mention the victims.

The voice strangled by emotion, the young man then claimed to think about them regularly. There's nothing I can do that's gonna bring Mr. Quenneville back. I walked into their life and no one asked for that. I made the choice to do so. I'm zero proud of myself, he explained, saying I'm trying to become a better person.

Alexandre Dionne wants to stay in a halfway house in Abitibi-Témiscamingue in order to Obtain a diploma of professional studies in felling and shaping of wood.

According to his case management team, his risk of recidivism is low on day parole. He is motivated, has been able to develop his introspection and has shown empathy towards the victim's loved ones.

The PBC has reserved the decision and should rule on it. #x27;here 15 days.

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