Algeria tries to relaunch the Palestinian cause at the Arab League Summit

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  • The Arab League, a labyrinth of conflicts and divisions

Algeria tries to relaunch the Palestinian cause at the Arab League Summit

The flags of the Arab countries are already flying the feet of the great mosque of Algiers. This Tuesday begins in the Algerian capital the 31ª Arab League Summit. A meeting that the Maghreb country it has been taken as a show of strength and influence in a polarized Arab world. The Algerian authorities intend that the summit will serve to relaunch unity around the Palestinian cause, after the rapprochement of several Arab countries with Israel. Also to address open conflicts in the region.

is It is expected that a dozen heads of state, of the 22 that make up the Arab League, will participate in the meeting. After weeks of rumors and it was published in various media that he intended to travel, Mohamed VI is not going to participate in the summit, according to the magazine 'Jeune Afrique' and they have It was broadcast by several Moroccan official media. Information that has not yet been publicly confirmed by the Palace. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohamed bin Salman, will not attend either for health reasons, in addition to the Lebanese president, the king of Jordan, or other leaders of the Gulf countries, who have delegated their representation to a high-ranking position they trust.

“We aspire to a consensual Arab summit, based on common constants and that reflects the aspirations of our peoples to greater solidarity, cohesion and integration”, stated Nadir Larbaoui, after assuming the presidency of the summit. Historically, the Arab League meetings have been more marked by fractures and frictions between participants , than for commitments to achieve real unity and find a way out of the conflicts and divisions that shake the region.

Protagonist of the Palestinian cause

On this occasion, the Algerian authorities want the summit to serve to launch a message of unity among the Arab countries around Palestine. Algeria has tried to establish itself as one of the main defenders of the Palestinian cause in the face of the advancement of the normalization of relations between several Arab countries with Israel in the ‘Abraham Agreements’ in 2020. Algiers was also the protagonist of the signing of a reconciliation agreement between the Palestinian factions in mid-October.

Another topic of dispute is the future of Syria, the country resigned. to his re-entry into the Arab League (suspended since 2011) so as not to aggravate the fractures between the participants, according to what he stated. the Algerian medium TSA. The situation in Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan, in addition to the global context, especially the food and energy crisis, will also occupy the agenda of the Arab representatives. 

The absence of Mohamed VI

The Algerian authorities invited the Moroccan monarch to the summit, although finally Mohamed VI will not travel. and will represent it his foreign minister, Naser Bourita. The head of Moroccan diplomacy has already moved on Sunday to Algiers to participate in a pre-summit meeting with his Arab counterparts. According to the media 'Jeune Afrique', “Rabat considers that the Algerian authorities have treated Bourita and his delegation in an undiplomatic way, which would not allow the king to have a serene and calm stay”. 

The days prior to the Arab meeting have been characterized by controversies and accusations crusades, especially in the media. In some Moroccan newspapers it was spread that the leader of the Front Polisario would be present in Algiers during the summit, something that Algeria has denied. The Algerian media also pointed out that Bourita withdrew in the middle of the meeting, news that Morocco has denied. Some publications that only aggravate the diplomatic crisis that the two Maghreb powers are going through.