Alicja Majewska and Włodzimierz Korcz have been dealing with rumors for years. Who betrays whom and what actually connects them

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The truth about the relationship between Alicja Majewska and Włodzimierz Korcz will surprise many people!

Alicja Majewska and Włodzimierz Korcz have been dealing with rumors for years. Who is cheating on whom and what they actually have in common

As the “Super Express” portal reminds, Alicja Majewska has been cooperating with Włodzimierz Korcz for decades. They are such a harmonious duo that many people are convinced that the couple is connected not only in professional life, but also in private life. The truth may come as a surprise to many!

What connects Alicja Majewska and Włodzimierz Korcz?

Alicja Majewska has been present on the Polish music scene for years and with each subsequent year, her fans grow more and more, also among the younger generations. For decades, the artist has been collaborating with Włodzimierz Korcz. Many people are convinced that artists are also connected in their private lives.

Nothing could be more wrong! Although Włodzimierz Korcz is married, his chosen one is by no means Majewska, but Elżbieta Starostecka, whom he met during his studies. They have been married for over half a century!

Alicja Majewska was also married, although her marriage did not end happily. The artist married Janusz Budzyński, with whom she divorced in 1984. Her ex-husband struggled with cancer and although they were no longer officially married, Majewska took care of him during his treatment. Budzyński died in 1990.

Alicja Majewska and rumors of cheating

It turns out that Alicja Majewska and Włodzimierz Korcz merged so strongly in the minds of the listeners as a couple that there were even accusations that “Korcz cheats on Majewska with Starostecka”.

“Perhaps our “wedding photos” also fuel speculation. We have a lot of wedding photos, for example from Opole. We are standing next to each other, me in white, Włodek in a tuxedo, they just gave us flowers – well, typical wedding photo” – we read in Alicja Majewska's account, which is included in the book “Connoisseurs of the next day”.

Did you know that Majewska and Korcz are not married?

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