Alien hunter discovers 'statue of extraterrestrial being' on Mars (video)

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  • An alien hunter discovered an

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  • Alien hunter discovers ‘extraterrestrial creature statue’ on Mars (video)

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  • Hunter for aliens discovered


  • Alien hunter discovers 'statue of extraterrestrial being' on Mars (video)

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    Hunter for aliens discovered

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An alien hunter discovered an ‘extraterrestrial creature statue’ on Mars (video)

Scott Waring believes he has found evidence of intelligent life on the Red Planet.

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An alien hunter, one of the authors of the UFO Sightings Daily portal, said that in the photographs of the NASA rover, he found an overturned ancient alien statue , writes The Mirror.

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Scott Waring discovered the sculpture by zooming in on a photograph from Mars released by NASA. In his video, where he describes the find, he showed a mountain where the stone seems to have fallen down the slope and stopped lying on its side. Waring thinks that this stone looks like a statue with eyes, a nose, a mouth and a crown or hat. One eye of the statue is not in its place, because it was displaced when a stone fell.

Hunter for aliens discovered

An alien hunter discovered an

The alien hunter also suggests that the face of this statue may have reptilian features, and the creature depicted on the statue could live in water, which confirms the theory of scientists that Mars once had it. Waring claims this statue is proof that aliens did indeed live on Mars in the past.

In the video, Waring showed a larger version of the alleged statue and added color to highlight the really intriguing parts. According to Waring, it is here that you can distinguish body parts of an extraterrestrial creature.

“This creature does not look like a humanoid. It looks like a reptile. It looks like an ancient sculpture. Now look at this eye, it looks to the side, because it fell and hit this huge mountainside,” Waring says in his video.

Waring even compared this statue to the famous sculptures on Easter Island, and commentators agreed with this statement.

Hunter for aliens discovered

An alien hunter discovered an

Hunter for aliens discovered

An alien hunter discovered an

“On Mars, so a lot of evidence of ancient alien life. This evidence can be found in many photographs from the Red Planet. With so much concrete evidence, I don’t know why scientists deny it. I am 100% sure that sentient beings once lived and thrived on Mars” , says Waring.

Focus already wrote that NASA explained what the famous door on Mars really is, which caused a lot of noise ma on the Web.

We remind you that scientists have discovered new organic compounds on the Red Planet, which may indicate that there was once life on Mars.