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This state check will soon no longer be paid.

Aid paid by the State, & everyone, without taking into account differences in income, there are not dozens of them. So, when a system is put in place, In order to help all households, whatever they are, it is better to take advantage of it. Because à at the time of budgetary restrictions, the payment of a new check to not everything is planned for tomorrow. Even when it comes to participating in the financing of mandatory equipment.

It is in this sense that, at the beginning of December, the State created a new check & destination of the French. Objective: to help all households to survive. install, &agrav; their home, a connected thermostat. You may have missed it. this information, but à From January 1, 2027, all accommodation must have one. Tenants, owners, primary residences, secondary residences… There should be them everywhere. Except that this equipment is not free, far from it.

All French people are entitled to this aid of at least 260 euros: you must ask for it quickly, it will disappear

From 100  à 1000 euros, the cost of a temperature regulator can quickly add up, according to the statements provided by Hello Watt, a comparator in the field of energy. However, it will therefore be obligatory to proceed with this. its installation. Face &agrav; This charge imposed by the State, aid was therefore provided. created: the "Connected piloting boost  heating room by room. Its amount is not negligible since it starts at 260 euros and can reach 624 euros, depending on the surface area of ​​the accommodation.

To obtain this financial assistance, you must appeal to a company authorized by the State, the list of which is available by clicking here. Once the quote is accepted; and the installation carried out, documents are available. put back à the company, which takes care of transferring them to Then, the premium is paid either by transfer or check, or directly deducted from the invoice, or can correspond to the amount paid by the State. a voucher from the professional who carried out the purchase installation.

You should not delay in taking advantage of this assistance since the check will no longer be sent to you. à from January 1, 2025. So there is only until now. end of December to benefit from the system and lower the bill to comply with the regulations. with the law.

According to estimates made by the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe ), install a connected thermostat allows you to reduce up to 15% on your heating bill. Indeed, thanks to à With this device, it is possible to define the temperature of the different rooms, in particular depending on the hours of presence in the home. ;nbsp;

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