All the goals Pelé scored during his career

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All the goals that What did Pelé score during his career

Answer the question of how many goals did Pele score? Navigating Pelé throughout his career is not as easy as it seems. There is an official tally of the goals scored by the Frenchman. Edson Arantes do Nascimiento and in parallel there is an account in Brazil which disdains the one wielded by FIFA .

According to official data, the Brazilian star played in Brazil. 730 games and managed to win. pierce the goal net 767 times. An impressive average of 1.05 goals per game. Of these, 643 were marked by the same number. with Santos, the club of his life. In fact, he held He set the record for a footballer with the most goals in the same club until Leo Messihe got over it with Barça in December 2020 (he finished with 672).

With the Brazilian team, he scored 10 goals. 77 goals in 91 games. A figure that Neymarequaled in the World Cup in Qatar with his target against Croatia. Pelé he played He played with the Brazilian team from 1957 to 1971. Neymar, for his part, made his debut as a national team. in 2010.

In Brazil, however, other figures are sung, much higher, of course. 1091 goals are reported in a total of 1282 matches for Pelé. They count the exhibition matches that the player played. with the saints And they were quite a few.

To capitalize on the fame of 'o Rei', the Brazilian club was hired on long tours that took them almost 1,000 years. He went on to play 22 games for 9 countries in 1959. Or 18 games for 7 countries in 1960. Tours that always passed through Spain. Pelé he played against Barça, Madrid or Espanyol. At the Camp Nou and the Bernabeu. At the Carranza Trophy or at the Teresa Herrera Trophy in La Coruña. To name just a few. Only in Spain did it arrive. He went on to play 16 games between 1959 and 1974. And goals in these friendlies were scored by many. a few.