Alleged Chinese Police Stations: Targeted Groups Offer Help | Canada-China Relations

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Alleged Chinese Police Stations: Targeted Groups Offer Assistance | Canada-China Relations

Relations between Canada and China have deteriorated for several years.

Two Quebec community organizations under investigation for allegedly acting as postal Clandestine police for the Chinese government say they want to cooperate with the authorities.

In a press release issued Tuesday by the Montreal law firm Arsenault Dufresne Wee Avocats, the groups concerned mentioned that they want their fundamental rights to be respected and underlined the importance of the presumption of prejudice. innocence.

Last week, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) confirmed that its Integrated National Security Team had opened investigations into the two non-profit organizations that help newcomers to Canada – the Chinese Family Service of Greater Montreal, located in Chinatown, and the Center Sino-Québec de la Rive-Sud, located in Brossard, Montérégie.

The two organizations claim that it was only after being contacted by the media that they learned with astonishment of the existence of this investigation against them.

The alleged police stations are described as overseas outposts that serve to persuade people who Chinese authorities believe are fugitives living overseas. x27;foreigner to return to China to face charges.

The organisations' statement indicates that they oppose all forms of bullying and harassment, and invite anyone who is victim to report these acts.

They also warn the public and the media against amalgamation, particularly in the context of the pandemic where the Chinese community has been strongly stigmatized.

On Friday, China accused Canada of smearing its reputation over the allegations.

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