ALYOSHA in the pornographic images appeared in a new video for “Planet”

Three years to create the track, two weeks to visualization, 17 hours of shooting and five images of the singer

ALYOSHA в откровенных образах предстала в новом клипе «Планети»

Inspired by the touching love story of a friend, ALYOSHA created the track “Planeta”. According to the singer, the story has generated in her soul a very different emotion: inspiration, happiness and joy to despair, frustration and pain. Deep emotional immersion into the story and gave impetus to the creation of the track.

The name of the song — metaphor of two different worlds, male and female. I compared these two things with the planets, which revolve in different orbits, they are drawn to each other, but orbits never intersect. It’s a love that’s not meant to be familiar to us. It is love at a distance, when all your life you love someone you can’t be together,” commented ALYOSHA.


On visualization of single, worked as a team, led by Director Inna Grabar. To convey the idea of immersion in thoughts of the singer, the film crew during the day built design of the screens, the purpose of which is the reconstruction of 3-d space.

The whole filming process took 17 hours. During this time, the artist went to five images that have become the allegory of thoughts, ideas and impressions that we “dress up” during the day.

I would call this work “Where you bring our dreams”, because this is what we tell in the clip. The main focus is on the artist. I like to reveal the diversity of CALIFORNIA and to see her deeper with each work. But let the viewer feel something, for him we are leaving dot” — says Inna Grabar, the Director of the video “Planeti”.

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